April 2007 challenge: “The only way is up”

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Isle of the Cursed Phoenix

Up is the only way to escape the isle.

A roguelike-like set on an isle turning to fire from the coast inwards. You have to find phoenix feathers, reach a mountain and conjure a rainbow bridge to escape — preferably without being killed!

(The submitted version below is Linux only; a post-deadline cross-platform Pygame version is also available. The gameplay is identical in both versions.)

Entrant: Alya

The Olde Battleaxe 4

Back again! Rah rah pyweek!

Get The Deluxe Version Here!

When you play - make sure to check out all 3 phases - Jungle, Volcano, and Moon!

Game a bit tough? Press F10 for God Mode.

Team: pekuja, philhassey, timinge, mjau, DrPetter, ronlybonly

Tux Tower

Build tower from penguins to reach fish...

Entrant: Opi


A test run of the pre-alpha library "pyglet" (http://www.pyglet.org). Please feel free to disqualify me for use of this library... I'm not in it for the money :-)

Entrant: alex

Woody Tigerbaum's Interplanetary Package Delivery (Big Dice Games - PW4)

Daring to consider completing a PyWeek challenge, Big Dice Games is back.

Script for intro movie: "Hi, I'm Woody Tigerbaum, founder and owner of Woody Tigerbaum's Interplanetary Package Delivery. I've just spent millions of dollars installing our patented PACKAGE SLINGSHOTS on buildings and structures throughout the Solar System [do not try this at home], to get your package there faster, guaranteed! [not a guarantee] So, remember, if the only way to go is UP [the only way to go is up] for your PACKAGE, the only place to go is HERE; Woody Tigerbaum's Interplanetary Package Delivery." [offer not valid in Delaware]

Entrant: tsmaster


  • SammyTheSquirrel-0.2a.zip — Learn what it is like to be a *true* flying squirrel. Just watch out for those birds! Seriously, this game is pretty rough, but not bad for a bunch of newbies :) Go PyWeek!
A team consisting of Jerry, sixohsix and Windex

Team: Windex, Jerry, sixohsix

Gang of 6

  • midnight-0.8.zip — Unfinished yet playable game. We plan to continue development
The ChristianCoders.com Team.

Team: CPUFreak91, Xian Lee, Mike_W, IrishCream, samw3, D-SIPL

[HUN]Mindless Game Studio

def Mindless():
return """
A funny game where your aim is to reach the heavens with your balloon, while drawing magic runes into the air to cast various dangers away.

Team: Ron, kukkerman, Syl, goss, sanka

PrintStar Part III

Another PyWeek! Hooray!

Entrant: PrintStar

Team Jihad

Can-Arab-ericans in the house!

Subterraneman: Jeopardy Below!

Team: sjbrown, patrick


Update 2007/04/21: There is a new post-PyWeek version of the game (version 1.2) that I have now uploaded to the PyWeek directory. Some of the updates are:
  • Game no longer quits after losing, but restarts automatically
  • ESC exits
  • Added animations for showing falling blocks that are missed
  • Updated graphics for consistency
  • Added a more fun and rewarding win screen to congratulate the player
  • Tower is shown after win/lose so that you can see how you did
  • Packaging is now supported for Mac/Windows (though haven't yet gotten Mac binary under 20 megs)

So I woke up on the last day of PyWeek competition and thought, "Hey, I could make a game!"

You are looking at the results of the sa(i)d attempt.

It's a clone of an annoyingly addictive game that I played at a restaurant one time that offered an iPod or PSP or Nintendo as prizes, and if you could stack the blocks to the top, you would win the prize. Use this game to practice for the arcade, and if you win an extra iPod as a result, maybe you could send one my way. :)

In other news, this game was also designed to be a one-switch game, meaning that since it is played entirely through the space bar, it is able to share enjoyment (and annoyment) to those who aren't able to use more complex control systems.

I guess since other people are posting hints to their games, I can as well. If you're having a hard time and want to make things a little easier, try pressing F1 a couple of times.

Entrant: HanClinto

Pywiii: PyAr presents: "Grossini's Hell"

  • gHell2.zip — final entry for pywiii (second try)
Team de PyAr de Buenos Aires

Team: riq, facundobatista, alecu, lucio, tenuki, hugoruscitti, leito, nrm

Ninja on the Wall

  • NinjaOnTheWall_0.7_simono.zip — windows+linux tested; exe version included; for best experience play fullscreen; if game is slow, switch off music (AND play fullscreen!)

I finished my gory shoot-them-up plattform game and it got ropes too!! I've been playing it the whole afternoon with a couple of friends, blasting away those evil scientists.

It's slow. If you have less then 1Ghz, it will be really sluggish... in that case try turning off the music + playing fullscreen. I recommend 2 Ghz and fullmoon for total pleasure.

It's got this really easy to use level editor, and I've already got sent a lot of nice levels - will probably setup a level-exchange page sometime next week. Of course a tutorial is included too, that will make you familiar with the gameplay basics. But I for one enjoy the Endless Wall most...that's I can show off my l33t rope swinging acrobatics (of course playing in ultra-violent mode)

I'm amazed what all the other teams/coders put together in one week. I'm looking forward to every single final version and will definitly enjoy testing those. I think it's too early to pick favorites, but especially the ones with totally new gameplay mechanics impressed me the most. Great job everyone!

So thanks for all the fish, es war mir ein Volksfest. Great organization and motivation by the pyweek-team (I think richard is the main man behind all this?) and see you again later this year....

Entrant: simono


Im' back, i missed pyweek3 plan to make up for that by making a great game this time. :D

Entrant: gizmo_thunder

Self Defence Against Fresh Fruit

Escape From Robot Planet 1.2. You are stuck on Robot Planet and you need to find the gate on each level to go up one level. You are 20 levels underground with nothing but a blaster pistol and a bunch of robots that want you dead. If you pick up a robot part, you can switch to that with the space bar and use it to bash robots to bits. Read the README for more info! Python 2.5 required. If you use OS X, try and find a Windows or Linux system to play the game on.

Linux users need Boost 1.33.1 and Audiere 1.9.4


For Gentoo? users: "emerge boost" will do the trick

For Ubuntu users:

Quick and dirt patch to make it in Ubuntu (feisty)
# apt-get install libboost-python1.33.1
# cd /usr/lib
# ln -s libboost_python-gcc-mt-1_33_1.so.1.33.1 libboost-python1.33.1

openSUSE 10.2 comes with Boost 1.33.1 packages, they just need to be installed from the DVD or online source.

Fedora Core 5 & 6, have Boost 1.33.1 packages available online, too.


Download this: Audiere 1.9.4

extract, and in the folder type:



sudo make install

Hopefully this fixes it for all the Linux users out there.

Team: HanClinto, steveth45, Smight



Entrant: eltriuqS


Thanks for all the comments you left, I will remember them for future use.

Entrant: john


A 2D platform game in which the objective is to complete an ascent through each level by climbing and swinging on ropes.

Entrant: SimRex

Team Zankar II - The Revenge

This time, it's personal

Entrant: atiaxi


You are a special forces operative in a rival foreign country. Your country's spy satellite was unexpectedly shot down, and has crashed and is burning on a mountain. The satellite's hard drive contains very sensitive information and needs to be retreived. The country is aware of this situation and have been unable to send a helicopter to the crash site because of heavy snowfall. The only way up is to scale a vertical glacier. They have sent a few men who lack climbing supplies and may shoot at you from the ground. Once at the top, the USS Poly will send a few helicopters and support aircraft to extract you when the weather clears out. Good Luck. Oh yeah, and the burning satellite and the vibrations of the impact is causing a few boulders to melt and fall, they shouldn't pose too much of a problem....

Entrant: wegstar

Gin & Pythonic

Team: jvloothuis, THijs

Team Quicksilver

This a team consisting of RB[0], Narianim, and X.plosion

Yay! we finished

Read our "instructions on running the game" post before trying to play( http://pyweek.org/d/868/)!!!!!!!

Team: RB[0], Narianim, X.plosion

Blancmange: Kid Bandyhoot's Adventures (in cylindrical coordinate space)

We return to end your tennis match. This time, we meant it.

Team: skaro, donal.h

Super Spelunker

Explore a large cavernous environment, avoiding enemies, defeating bosses and solving puzzles. The higher you climb, the harder it gets. Will you escape to the planet's surface?

Entrant: mangobrain

Grnd H1 0v3l0rd 0f t3h L33t!!11!eleventy-one

I was part of team Trailblazer in the first couple of pyweeks but I'm going it alone this time. Try out my l33t haX0r1ng 0wn3rag3 :-P

Team: Adam, Dilandau

Welcome to World Corporation

Climb to the top of a giant corporation, even if it means stepping on others.

Entrant: Tee

The Incredible Car Stunt

  • TheIncredibleCarStunt.tar.gz — The martians are invading planet Earth and only Stuntsman can stop them! Source code licensed under the GNU General Public License version 2, graphics and audio files licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.5 Brazil.
A professional stunt man loads tosses himself with his car into the skies to prevent martians from taking over planet Earth!

Entrant: shundread

Ascent of Justice - Trailblazer 3.0

Reclaim your own!

Lead your skilled hero through the building, dodging cameras, guards, and climbing endless ladders. Find your enemy and take back what is yours!

Entrant: mcferrill

The Villainy of Cat Food Inc.

Cat Food Inc. (the major provider of cat food in town) has kidnapped Nanji, Guy's cat. Help Guy escape from the Cat Food Inc. building after rescuing Nanji from this evil masterpiece of villainy!

Latest version runs on Python 2.4, too. ;)

Team: ServalKatze, Zahmekoses


I'm in Concord, California. I'm new to PyGame.

Entrant: jjinux


First PyWeek.

Entrant: Tigga


As an ancient god you have to deliver messages to gods settled in hight of Olympia or at least try ti.

Arcade game motivated by Ice Tower. Try to discover combos :).

Entrant: adragon

Awesome block game 2 -- return of the block : The story of one block against the world

Like my previous game I'm hoping to have a minimalist design.The only dependency should end up being pygame so anyone will be able to play. I'm still rather new to programming so help and advice is always appreciated.

eugmanhome.com logo

Entrant: eugman

Dam Builder

A team consisting of Martijn and Felicia. Building a game involving the building of dams. The team name is 'faraway', but better put the game name in here.

Team: faassen, felwong

selsine 2.0

  • swing_up-1.0.zip — This is my final entry, the game isn't done, real world got in the way but here it is anyway!
Again, it's just me working on this, I'm not sure if I'll get a chance to spend the whole week working on this but I'm looking forward to putting more time into PyGame!

Entrant: selsine

Twenty Thousand Leagues under the Sea

You play captain Nemo and are stranded with your submarine at the bottom of the sea, when you discover your air supplies are running out soonish. The only way to survive is reach the surface - so from now on the only way is up.

Entrant: allefant

Jason Whitlark

First time in PyWeek, first time with PyGame... I just uploaded my final. This was a lot of fun, and I can't wait until the next one, especially since I'll be better prepared.

Entrant: jwhitlark


The only way is up.

Entrant: fidlej


Look an mmorpg :)

Team: Treeform, Hex Decimal, lans, Snarius

Team Spîk

Cell: An Amoeba's only place in the world is up!

Entrant: feakk

Fluffy Menace

Team Fluffy Menace are Richard, fydo and JDruid. Together at last! Bring on the PyWeek!

Team: richard, JDruid, fydo

Death Tower

You are a mighty warrior in need of scaling the death tower. Each floor contains traps, monsters, and items which will all lead you to the top of... DEATH TOWER. Bosses, level ups, stores, money, random item droppage, the lot, this game will hopefully be a decent contender in pyweek #4.

Entrant: Cthulhu32

Hectic Game Development

  • whichwayisup_b055.zip — Python source code version of my (hopefully) final submission. Which way is up? beta 0.55.
  • whichwayisup_b055_bin.zip — Windows binary version of my (hopefully) final submission. Which way is up? beta 0.55.

Game: Which way is up?

A traditional and challenging 2D platformer with a slight rotational twist. Help a mysterious big-eared salaryman named Guy find his keys in a labyrinth of dangers and bad dialogue.

Team: All code, graphics and sounds by Hectigo aka. Olli Etuaho

Stay updated about the development of the game by visiting the game's home page: Which Way is Up. The next big release after PyWeek, 0.7.0, was published in May with one new enemy type, 7 new levels, better animations and more. And I plan to continue development beyond that.

Entrant: Hectigo

Balloon Escape

Escape from a valley that is flooding. The only way to escape is UP - in a hot air balloon! On the way, you have to intercept fuel that is parachuted down and avoid hitting the walls, crows and maybe other hazards. This is my first try at PyWeek, let's see how far I'll get. ;-)

Entrant: xorbit


A Sim Tower clone. You play as a big contractor trying to build a tower while managing the rooms, making restaurants etc. Game May Vary :)

Entrant: Mikle

Vandelay Industries

Good shake. Perfect shake. Single pump, not too hard. You know, doesn't have to prove anything, but, you know, firm enough to know he was there.

Team: kinetik, stormy, joff, Xar


After the final countdown, the only way you can go is up...

Study your planets. Plan your mission. Design your probe. Launch your probe and watch it blow up crash into a planet fly a successful mission and gather oodles of valuable scientific info. All while staying within budget.

Entrant: gcewing

Dashman DX

Dash and jump your way to the top.

A dash-em up featuring hardcore walljumping and breath-taking music by super multifaros (http://multifaros.info.se)

Entrant: buffi

Century of the Fruitbat Moving Picture Publishing Company - with 1000 elephants

Python + pygame + 1000 elephants = edge of seat excitement

Team: saluk, Don Blake

Burn the Training Wheels

First time caller. Just learning Python, so I figured what the heck, I might as well try to create something in a short amount of time. Nothing like a trial by fire for the first time around, eh?

Entrant: craigm