Here's a jpg of the png so that it shows up on our page.

Blancmange: Kid Bandyhoot's Adventures (in cylindrical coordinate space)

We return to end your tennis match. This time, we meant it.


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Overall: 3.3
Fun: 3.2
Production: 3.4
Innovation: 3.3

39% respondents marked the game as not working.
Respondents: 25


File Uploader Date
Blancmange FINAL
skaro 2007/04/08 01:36
An early final of Kid Bandyhoot's crazy adventures in cylindrical coordinate space
skaro 2007/04/07 22:40
Here's a jpg of the png so that it shows up on our page.
donal.h 2007/04/07 13:28
Now with sprites!
skaro 2007/04/07 08:04
Early screenshot, late in the game... ITS A TOWER!!
skaro 2007/04/07 04:36

Diary Entries

A very slow start.

  • Embrace conflicts.
  • Plan carefully.
  • PANIC.
  • Pout.
  • Move on.
  • Find excuses for being so distracted at work.

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Windows Vista & OpenGL.. OUCH

I've heard the rumors about Vista and openGL, but this is pretty unbelievable.. A geforce 8800GTS on a core2 duo with nvidia's latest beta drivers is getting 14 frames per second on our game, while a radeon9800 on an athlon xp 2500 is getting the full 60. I can understand them having to adapt to a new driver model, but that seems a little bit extreme! Has anybody else experienced Vista silliness? *SLEEP NOW!*