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saluk of Flowing Magic posted a new diary entry: The Post-mortem, Post-release, post.

Thanks for all of the feedback everyone! It was a really successful pyweek and everyone made cool games. Your responses will help as I continue to work on the game (and engine). 66% reported not working shows that I was too ambitious, which I pretty much knew by thursday when I had yet to have a functioning game of any kind. I was actually...

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mauve started a new discussion thread: Open rating fairness report.

In PyWeek 26, for the first time, ratings were not submitted anonymously. This was an experiment intended to address potentially unfairness in the ratings and produce more useful feedback. I was keen to find out whether this has been successful. To do this I both polled users about their subjective experiences and looked at all...

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chrisyan2000 of Just Flow posted a new diary entry: Afterthoughts.

Thank you so much for your support and comments!

I'm so sorry for the ones that didn't work... I really should test on Mac and Linux for the next Pyweek.

From the comments I saw three major problem:

  • The game is not working because certain module or file is not found
  • The story that was told is not clear
  • There weren't much gameplay

The first...

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OrionDark7 of Road Rage posted a new diary entry: Post-Mortem.

I did good. Tied for 4th Place Overall and 3rd Place in Fun, not too bad. Feedback was generally positive, which is a first for me (probably because of the new grading system I'm going to guess, as well as I just did better).

I'm now going to try to respond to all of the individual comments I got, mostly just for self reference on what I did...

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rdb of Let There Be Light posted a new diary entry: Woah, thanks!.

Thanks to everyone who reviewed my entry! I was quite surprised to see that it was rated so highly among the individual entries, despite the fact that the gameplay still needs quite some work. There were many other really great entries that I expected to be rated higher. It feels like quite a boost of confidence for me.


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Cosmologicon of Storm Drain Odyssey posted a new diary entry: Postmortem.

Thanks for the feedback, everyone! I think there are some lessons learned here. First, a couple things I think there are quick fixes for:

  • Out of bounds bugs.
  • Performance.
  • "When swimming against current it's kind of random what direction key you must use" and "the controls sometimes seem to steer in the opposite direction" - I strongly...

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cauch of Evaporating Kenneth posted a new diary entry: Few comments.

Thank you very much to everybody rating my entry (and to all participants making pyweek a fun event) (and to the organizers).

A lot of comments to my game were totally fair, and I guess it all comes down to the same problem as my other games in pyweek: when creating them, I learn to play them, and I don't see how difficult it will be for brand...

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speedlimit35 of ain't got that flow if it isn't a flow posted a new diary entry: Challenge over and regarding game issues.

I have noticed that some people may have misunderstood the gameplay. You are supposed to hold down the keys. Maybe I should have left the print statements as output.

I will probably add something on the screen to tell if you are hitting the points or not sometime in the near future.

As for the issues of not getting the game to run and the...

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asrp of Pipeline posted a new diary entry: OSX bug.

Thanks to everyone who rated this entry and reported bugs!

For those getting that OSX bug, could you try the fix suggested here?

I'd be very interested for the sake of the library I'm using.

Tee of Rush Hour posted a new diary entry: Rush Hour: Postmortem.

Thank you all for the feedback! I'm glad that some of you enjoyed this game.

I had a reasonable amount of time this Pyweek but unfortunately I didn't manage it well enough to make a better game. Originally I was making a game where you would explore the secrets of a waterfall, but on Friday I realized it wasn't going to work because I needed...

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