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busterbeam of Cosmic Prowl posted a new diary entry: What my entry is.

I really just wanted to try. Being very ambitious having never finished a project, and didn't finish this one, we have the incomplete cosmic prowl. The aim of the game was going to be using a "window"/"cone" in front of the player character to see the "invisible" particles representing scent (or dark matter). But also all mobs/NPC's...

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ballipilla of Dark Odyssey posted a new diary entry: Play through video.

Posted a play through video here:
Hope you have fun with the game.

Looking forward to playing all the cool games around.

mit-mit of Dark Physics posted a new diary entry: Post-Dev Notes.

Phew! Another PyWeek finished and a chance to write some notes down.

It was a bit of a tricky week, as unfortunately life really got in the road this week and I didn't really get to start the game dev in earnest until Day 5. I also had quite a bit of trouble coming up with ideas for the theme, I think it felt a bit too similar to "In the Shadows": I...

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Proiz92 of Lost&Found posted a new diary entry: Play in browser.

Hi, you can play also from your browser here:

password: <>

ambv of Down The Drain posted a new diary entry: It's tubes, okay?.

I got really excited when Glyph pinged me to team up for PyWeek. I always admired PyWeek and people who managed to accomplish something in seven days when regular life can be a bit much on its own.

I made the theme for the game, and we had a funny little Zoom meeting where Glyph's daughter shared ideas with us that could easily turn into a few...

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