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DR0ID of GD posted a new diary entry: Pyweek 31 - postmorten on the speech to text experience.

The result was expected, but still frustrating

We expected to have some DNW due to our dependencies. We never had that many dependencies in a pyweek before. Our
experience told us, this will be trouble. And yes, it was trouble apparently. The strange thing is, that we didn't
hear about it. No one except two persons asked for help.


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rdb of Badge Blaster 2112 posted a new diary entry: Final Leaderboard.

Thanks so much to everyone for rating and playing our game! Thanks to the highscore server that tizilogic developed, we were able to see the highscore list update over the course of the judging period as people started playing it, which was quite fun to see.

To give everyone an even chance (and because we did a bunch of balancing changes...

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Chard of Copcake Caper posted a new diary entry: Closing Remarks.

Thank you, everyone, for all the wonderful feedback. And congratulations to everyone who took part too. Looking at the comments there are a lot of very positive remarks and we are truly very flattered, thank you 😊. Everyone loved the art and sound aspects it seems, as did we. It's encouraging to know that all that work was so...

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pjrMakesPyGames of Aquilam posted a new diary entry: Comments and Feedback!.

Hey everyone,

Thanks for the feedback, we really appreciate it!

We just wanted to clarify a few things related to the game.

The KeyError that arises in the last stage was due to a typo. This (and another sneaky typo) is now fixed in the code on Github.

We are extremely sorry that we couldn't add more upgrades, moves and information. We had...

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Tee of Halt! posted a new diary entry: Halt!: Postmortem.

Thanks to everyone who played my game! I appreciate all your comments.

Making a game like this was a bit risky, but it was worth it. I haven't done a lot of strategy games like this in Pyweek and my past attempts weren't very good. I'm happy that I was able to make one that I'm satisfied with and it looks like many of you liked it as well. It was...

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PyTM30 of The War on Drugs posted a new diary entry: I didn't come last!.

It seems some people were confused about what to do so here's some more explanation. The point is that you can't search everyone but you have to click multiple times to complete a search at which point they are either let go or sent to jail. At the end you're presented with some stats about how you did. I guess making a game that isn't...

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pushfoo of Cat Burglar posted a new diary entry: Post-mortem: How We Shipped After Everything Went Wrong.

tl;drWhat went wrong?

  1. Our last-choice theme was chosen
  2. We ran into underlying issues with the framework
  3. My teammate had to drop from the competition after the second day
How did I address it?

  1. Drastically reducing scope
  2. Repurposing what we had already built to fit a different and much simpler gameplay loop
  3. Reduce the story to fit new...

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