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mit-mit of Breakout Blue posted a new diary entry: Wrap-up.

We had alot of fun this pyweek! Pretty happy with how the game turned out, thanks to everyone who played and left feedback. Congratulations to Cosmologicon and Team Hexima, two awesome games!

I think if we had had a bit more this we could have refined the levels a bit more: our goal was to start with two players and then introduce an extra...

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speedlimit35 of B Ball Tomb posted a new diary entry: conclusion.

Thank you all for playing my game! Hopefully, by next time I will be able to write better code.

See you all next pyweek!

Tee of Resolute posted a new diary entry: Resolute: Postmortem.

Thanks for the feedback! Here are some final notes on the game.

Difficulty and confusion

There were issues with confusion, and I completely understand that. I struggled with designing the learning curve because it's not easy to explain the rules, and I still don't know what's the best way to do that. It takes a while to get a hang of it,...

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Phantasma of 6-Crates posted a new diary entry: Time to improve and Truly finish the game..

Reading most of the Feedback, I kind of expected the lack of sound and music to impact my game substantially. I'm a bit surprised that a majority of people have actually successfully ran my game. In any case I will be streaming on Twitch to work on my game and make improvements on key areas that need work. I also wanted to have additional...

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Cosmologicon of Snowcrafter posted a new diary entry: Thanks for playing!.

Thank you to everyone who tried the game! Sorry if it didn't work for you. I had one pygame issue and one Python 2/3 urllib compatibility issue. I'll make a note of them for next time.

This is my first solo game with any sort of user-submitted content. I was hesitant at first, but I realized soon that I had to, because the gameplay isn't...

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assertivist of Whiffle Six posted a new diary entry: Whiffle Six post-mortem.

First of all I want to thank the 13 people who downloaded and ran my game, and left all the thoughtful reviews. I totally get the DQ vote we got, we had a really turbulent week and couldn't decide on gameplay--by the time I had something together it was far too late to put together a story loosely connecting our game to the theme...

Our first...

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OrionDark7 started a new discussion thread: Double Entries?.

When I look on the Ratings Page there are two of each Entriy for some reason in the Overall Ratings and Category Ratings Sections. Is this just me seeing double or does anybody else see it?


AlpacaMax of Fighter6 posted a new diary entry: Conclusion.

This is my first pyweek so I didn't expect too much on my ranking. 2.4 is already higher than my expectation so I am quite satisfied.

In conclusion, my game lacks music, a nice visual feedback, and probably a simple AI.

I actually tried to add music to my game. However it is actually the second time I use pyglet to make a game(I used pygame...

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