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Tee of In the Pipes of Bureaucracy posted a new diary entry: In the Pipes of Bureaucracy: Postmortem.

Thanks to everyone who played my game! This one turned out a bit more complicated than I'd liked, but I hope it was fun, and I enjoyed making it.

Fundamentally, I wanted to create a game where you have to move documents around but they interfere with each other, so you have to do it carefully. The main mechanic for this was the merging...

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Phantasma of Phantasma's Basic Pipe Puzzle posted a new diary entry: Final Diary Summary: Post-Mortem.

Welp let’s start right away on what went wrong…

I certainly could have done more with this project had I figured out how to set the win conditions for my game. I mentioned in the previous diary entries that this was one of the major hurdles I needed to get through. Unfortunately, that didn’t work out in the end. However, my backup strategy...

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mit-mit of Electron posted a new diary entry: Post-mortem.

Thanks to everyone who played "Electron" and left feedback! Congrats rdb and zwerver for the team win! This was my first pyweek trying to go double-barrel (two games at once): I actually didn't realise it was possible to be in two entries until this comp.

On the team entry I was a part of, I had mostly got everything I needed to do done...

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DR0ID of Slurp Fantasy posted a new diary entry: Mechanics and puzzles.

After reading the ratings here a few words:

The relation to the theme is the drinking straw which is like a tube or pipe. The kid in the intro plays with it (slurping and blowing) and thinks of an elephant.

First thing to figure out was that the suck action is triggered by a right click. Left click lets you blow.

Second thing was...

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