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jjinux of Lil Miss Vampire posted a new diary entry: So sick!.

Oh, man, PyWeek took its toll on me ;) I planned on taking 2 days off work. I ended up taking off more like 3.5. I got like 5 hours of sleep on Thursday, and (despite my best efforts) couldn't sleep at all on Friday. I got so sick! I was feverish. But, I got it done on time :-D

schilcote of Interstate Neverending posted a new diary entry: The First and Final Devlog.

I usually document my pyweek submissions, but... I didn't really feel like it this time.

Interstate Neverending is a terminal-based simulation game where you have survive in a post-apocalyptic scenario where reality itself is breaking down, and if you stay in one place for more than 48 hours, you disappear. As you drive and scavenge...

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catornot of Monster posted a new diary entry: after the submission..

Fortunately the game was completed in time and uploaded 10 minutes before the end of this Pyweek.

The game is a top-down shooter. You play in it as a caveman and you the ancient cockroach to go away. When you fail or win, you will control another caveman.

The game comes with only 4 levels but you can try to make more there a README with the...

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mit-mit of Temporal Anomaly posted a new diary entry: Final Game Uploaded.

I've just posted the final version of the game (v2): includes a bug fix for terminal/panel text which doesn't seem to render properly across all version of arcade (or OSs): thanks Cosmo for letting me know! should be fixed now.