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OrionDark7 of Six Moves posted a new diary entry: Day 4 - More Animations, Graphics, and more Levels.

I didn't do much today for a couple of different reasons (mostly I was stuck and I didn't know how to move on with one thing, but I eventually just decided to do something else). But I'll post here anyway just for the sake of it.

I've added a new system for animating blocks, and I added animations for keys and traps (though the traps have a bit...

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mauve of What The Frog? posted a new diary entry: Day 3.

Today I spent a long time drawing a forest background. It's not amazing even after a couple of hours' effort. Working at high dpi means there isn't really enough detail in this, and I don't have the time to get it there. But at least it's thematic.

I was thinking of trying to tie gameplay elements into the background. After all, both the...

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4 days left in the March 2019 challenge, 6!

Phantasma of Phantasma posted a new diary entry: Day Three Summary.

Working on the game play section....I don't have all the sprites and interactions done just yet. I'm going have to pull an all-nighter on this one. It somehow took a very long time to get the sprites to display and have the player move the way I wanted to(its always on the 1st sprite). I'm starting to get the momentum going, and I ain't...

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