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PyDude of Never Ending dungeon posted a new diary entry: Judging ednded.

Ok so judging ended and I am at 13th place. Not bad for first time. I am sure I will participate next pyweek. Please comment if you want full game.

Congratulations for EVERYONE!!!

mauve started a new discussion thread: Results pending.

The overall ratings and results have crashed, sorry. I will debug this and should get results up shortly. This is due to version upgrades this PyWeek.

Dihydrogen of Ping posted a new diary entry: words.

i finally inserted words here!!!!!

yeah i neglected to make diary entries sry i made most of this game in one day (i think thursday??) so you couldn't really see progression so i don't think it's that necessary here

mauve of Axium posted a new diary entry: Late bugfix.

DR0ID just mentioned that Axium doesn't work on Windows due to a line from os import initgroups in wasabi2d/ If you encounter this, it's fine, you can delete that line. It isn't used.

I didn't even write it. It was added by this VS Code misfeature that I was fighting all competition. (My laptop touchpad is also a bit sensitive,...

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