The PyWeek #23 challenge has finished!

The winners are:

Individual: A Knight of Curses
Team: The Final Choice

Congratulations to everyone who entered!

The next challenge is Pyweek #24.

Registration will be open 30 days before it starts.

The next challenge is Pyweek #24.

Registration is now open.

PyWeek 24 has started and the theme is "They're behind everything"!

Good luck, and don't forget the advice in the help page or the folk hanging around in IRC at channel #pyweek! Also, see the #pyweek Twitters.

The PyWeek challenge:

  1. Invites entrants to write a game in one week from scratch either as an individual or in a team,
  2. Is intended to be challenging and fun,
  3. Will hopefully increase the public body of game tools, code and expertise,
  4. Will let a lot of people actually finish a game, and
  5. May inspire new projects (with ready made teams!)

Entries must be developed in Python during the challenge, and must incorporate some theme decided at the start of the challenge. See the challenge rules for more information.