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A puzzle game set in the clouds involving a six-sided die. Inspired by the Cuboid game.

There are precompiled builds available for Windows, Linux and macOS that include the dependencies.

The game can be controlled using the arrow, enter and escape keys alone. The mouse can additionally be used to rotate the camera, and R resets the level.

The gameplay should be fairly straightforward; navigate the die to the green tile to advance to the next level. Certain tiles are marked with a die symbol; you can only land on them if your bottom face has the matching number. If you get stuck, press escape to go to the menu, and select "reset level" or "skip level", or go to the main menu and choose "select level".

If you complete a level within a certain preset number of moves, you can "star" the level, as indicated on the level select screen. Whether you have exceeded the number of moves to star a level is indicated by the star icon in the top right turning from solid to outlined.

It is also possible to use a game controller with a directional pad. The thumbsticks are ignored at this time.

Running from source requires Python 3. The only dependency is Panda3D, which can be obtained with "pip install -U panda3d" or simply by running this in the source directory:
pip install -r requirements.txt
To run the game, type the following command:

If you can't get the game to work, please let me know! There may be an easy fix.

If the game doesn't work well in "sublime" mode, try other quality settings (this requires restarting the game).

If you get stuck on a level, you can hit Escape (or start on a gamepad) and use "skip level". You can cheat an otherwise invalid move by holding the "Pause Break" key while pressing the arrow key.

On macOS, you may get an error after clicking about me being an untrusted developer. Go to System Preferences, Security, and click "Open anyway".

If you run into any trouble, send me the command-line output to help me diagnose. In the binary builds, the output is saved to the following log files:
Windows: C:\Users\You\AppData\Local\hexima\output.log
Linux: /home/you/.share/local/hexima/output.log
macOS: /Users/You/Documents/hexima/output.log


Fancy Font Filename
Presented by wezu

Least Random Use of Dice
Presented by wezu

Flawless Production
Presented by mit-mit

The Tao of Dice Award for Thoughtful Puzzling in a 3d Environment
Presented by ntoll

The Quod Erat Demonstrandum award for writing commit messages in Latin
Presented by mauve

Pretty Pix
Presented by stOneskull

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Ratings (show detail)

Overall: 4.2
Fun: 4
Production: 4.9
Innovation: 3.8

Respondents: 16


File Uploader Date
Fixed source code
rdb 2019/03/31 22:58
Fixed Windows binary build
rdb 2019/03/31 22:55
Fixed Linux binary build
rdb 2019/03/31 22:54
Fixed macOS binary build
rdb 2019/03/31 22:53
Final screenshot
rdb 2019/03/31 00:22
Linux binary build
rdb 2019/03/31 00:09
Windows binary
rdb 2019/03/31 00:04
Final source code
rdb 2019/03/31 00:02
main menu
rdb 2019/03/30 15:22
With HUD and scorekeeping
rdb 2019/03/29 23:05
showing several new tile types
rdb 2019/03/29 18:46
showing ice tiles and cracked tiles
rdb 2019/03/28 23:21
Level select screen
rdb 2019/03/27 23:31
More minimalistic visual theming
rdb 2019/03/26 22:45
Earlier visual concept, now discarded
rdb 2019/03/26 22:45

Diary Entries


Phew, the game got finished in time!  I'll make a better diary entry tomorrow, but I've created this one in the meantime so that people have a place to report game-breaking bugs or ask questions about how to run the game.

You can run it from source (please read the or download the binary builds from the entry page, or grab the latest source from GitHub.

Hope you all enjoy the game!

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Uploaded fixed build

I have uploaded a fixed build. This is particularly of relevance for macOS users, for which the build was broken for a variety of reasons.

I am given to understand that it is OK to put in bugfixes and distribution-related changes on the final sunday, as long as the gameplay is unmodified. I've not made any change that changed the behaviour or visuals of the game itself under normal conditions (other than an insignificant change to allow you to get a star on level 1-3), but in the interest of full disclosure, here is the full list of changes:
  • Fix crashes and game-breaking graphical glitch on macOS
  • Saving would crash when extracted to read-only directory
  • Fixed the UI locking the game in an unusable state when double-tapping escape
  • Updated README with additional documentation and missed acknowledgements
  • It was impossible to get the star on level 1-3 due to the move requirement being wrong
  • Removed unused .ogg files
  • Set a window title so that you can find the game in your task bar
  • Add an error message if you try to run the game in Python 2
  • Shader fix for an obscure driver error on some Linux systems
If you feel that it is unfair to judge the fixed build, feel free to grab the 1.0.0 download instead (or check out v1.0.0 on GitHub), but you may run into the above bugs.

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