Uploaded fixed build

I have uploaded a fixed build. This is particularly of relevance for macOS users, for which the build was broken for a variety of reasons.

I am given to understand that it is OK to put in bugfixes and distribution-related changes on the final sunday, as long as the gameplay is unmodified. I've not made any change that changed the behaviour or visuals of the game itself under normal conditions (other than an insignificant change to allow you to get a star on level 1-3), but in the interest of full disclosure, here is the full list of changes:
  • Fix crashes and game-breaking graphical glitch on macOS
  • Saving would crash when extracted to read-only directory
  • Fixed the UI locking the game in an unusable state when double-tapping escape
  • Updated README with additional documentation and missed acknowledgements
  • It was impossible to get the star on level 1-3 due to the move requirement being wrong
  • Removed unused .ogg files
  • Set a window title so that you can find the game in your task bar
  • Add an error message if you try to run the game in Python 2
  • Shader fix for an obscure driver error on some Linux systems
If you feel that it is unfair to judge the fixed build, feel free to grab the 1.0.0 download instead (or check out v1.0.0 on GitHub), but you may run into the above bugs.