Souls Of The Tower

Developer who can't finish game without deadline pressure and who has much free time. Source code of horror - is a horror.

Dependencies for run from source code:
  • Python 3.5
  • PyGame 1.9.6
You can find newer versions compiled for Windows and Linux on my page

Development of the game will be continued after end of the challenge.
You can join game discord server for more news, videos and screenshot. Also follow the project news on my Twitter: @MihailRis


Greatest PyWeek Jump-Scare
Presented by mit-mit

Good quality
Presented by Buffalo974

Award for Neglected Doorhinge Maintenance Terror
Presented by rdb

Nightmare fuel
Presented by Darni

Drawer Crawler
Presented by zwerver

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Ratings (show detail)

Overall: 3.9
Fun: 3.3
Production: 4.6
Innovation: 3.9

Respondents: 17


File Uploader Date
Source Code 1.3
MihailRis 2019/09/29 08:46
Source Code 1.2
MihailRis 2019/09/29 08:16
Source Code 1.1
MihailRis 2019/09/28 15:07
Source Code
MihailRis 2019/09/28 12:28
MihailRis 2019/09/27 19:37
Special room
MihailRis 2019/09/25 15:30
Elevator improved
MihailRis 2019/09/24 15:56
MihailRis 2019/09/24 12:36
Second Day
MihailRis 2019/09/23 15:07
Total First Day
MihailRis 2019/09/22 18:17
Darkness v2
MihailRis 2019/09/22 17:09
MihailRis 2019/09/22 16:19
Lighting test
MihailRis 2019/09/22 15:54
First steps
MihailRis 2019/09/22 14:52

Diary Entries

First steps

I want to create horror game and i have a plan!

Now basic camera code and code for reading simple tmx maps is done.

I've created:

- camera class

- simple character (that gray rectangle).

- simple physics with collision detection.

- simple animation class (unused now)

- fullscreen mode (???)

This things took 4-5 hours. Next i will draw textures and character animation, add some lighting (it will be difficult with PyGame).

See Twitter for more screenshots ;)

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Darkness and animation

It wasn't so difficult that i thought, but my potato-PC can draw only two surfaces in fullscreen.


- Simple flashlight.

- Vignette-like effect (overlay).

- Character animation (walk)

Next... Hm... It's time to go sleep, my "CPU" is too slow now.

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Second day of development.

It was difficult day. Most time i worked on sound. (Sound is very important part of horror genre). Done only small part of the game.

I trying to do not show any spoilers for you.


  • First non-player character (monster) with special behaviour.
  • Flashlight energy now is not infinite.
  • More decorations on game map.
  • Flashlight blinking on energy out.
  • Death screen.
  • Screamer
  • Step sounds, flashlight click sounds, some more sounds...
  • Panic effect (fades in when flashlight doesn't work), that will kill character after some time.

Improved horror atmosphere 

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Day 3: the elevator.

It was third day of the challenge. I will try to make more features and gameplay mechanics in remain four days. May be, development of this game will be continued after challenge end. If you want it ;)


  • Elevator - the main transport between floors of the tower. Now it's infinite. Really. You will can confirm it.
  • New sounds (elevator sounds, character steps for elevator).
  • Transition between game maps.
  • You can open doors.
  • Camera quake effect.
  • Fade-in / fade-out effects.
  • Everything sounded.

Elevator is the main transport in game

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Day 4



  • New special room.
  • Interaction animation.
  • Interaction animation with flashlight on hand.
  • Generator room.
  • Generator, may be started up on pressing 'O'
  • Doors opening faster.
  • Generator makes a noise.
  • Rooms are darker now.
  • Every 10th floor has special room.

Special room without lights:

Dark special room

Special room with lights:

Lighted special room

Generator room:

Generator room

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Day 5 - are you sure about that you're alone in the room?

Day five was really hard. I spent 9 hours today.


  • Added and tested new enemies
  • Increased elevator speed
  • Character can die with new ways.
  • Added particles.
  • There's no safe rooms.
  • More animations (with flashlight and with no).
  • Drawers now contains something you will need.
  • Sometimes you have to use your real physical force to survive here. (new mechanics)
  • Added simple inventory.
  • I am too tired for write more info. (sorry)

Elevator isn't so safe.

Don't turn off your flashlight if you want to survive.

They are always here.

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Day 6

The end is so close...


  • Simple menu
  • Pause
  • Instruction
  • Win screen
  • More rooms

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Finished day 7! But it is not the end.

I hope your experience of playing my horror game will be good. I will continue development after end of the challenge. The last step is - uploading the game...

  • Fixed bugs.
  • Impoved random items location.
  • More help.
  • More rooms.
  • New interesting behaviour of one of mobs.
  • Added window size selection on start.
  • Drawn something like a poster (quick and bad as usually :) ):

I am an artist

Some changes in help

Window size selection

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