PyWeek 28 challenge: “Tower”

The PyWeek 28 challenge has finished!

The winners are:

Individual: Souls Of The Tower
Team: Hobot's Ascent

Congratulations to everyone who entered!

This challenge ran from Sept. 22, 2019 to Sept. 29, 2019.

Recent awards:

Greatest PyWeek Jump-Scare
Presented by mit-mit to Souls Of The Tower

Arthur C. Clarke Memorial Award for being Indistinguishable from Magic
Presented by mit-mit to Nerdozog's Ascent

beep beep beep
Presented by speedlimit35 to The Infinite Tower

play again
Presented by Buffalo974 to Towers of Strength

Tar Bomba
Presented by rdb to TowerJumpers

Tar Bomba
Presented by rdb to Battle Tower

Good quality
Presented by Buffalo974 to Souls Of The Tower

nice particles
Presented by Buffalo974 to Roller Knight

Presented by Buffalo974 to Derplings: Tower Ascent

The August Dvorak award for recognition of non-QWERTY keyboard layouts
Presented by rdb to Devils Tower