PyWeek 28 challenge

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Universe Factory 28

Hopefully a full team effort this time with voice acting etc.

Team is open! To join, please start by contacting

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I have no idea if I'll follow through on PyWeek this year, but I do have enough days off to have a go.

I'm thinking some kind of low-effort nonsense, maybe with Ren'Py or a very janky tile-based game. Might do the whole thing in Toki Pona with no English instructions, on a whim.

Opening the team, but please check out @ScavengerEthic on twitter to assess whether you think I'd be difficult to work with, to avoid disappointment. All skills welcome. Team collaboration will be via git repository and slack channel.

Principal goals:

  • do something silly
  • give silly awards to other teams
  • maximum positivity and encouragement

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Two pyweek veterans subscribing for the next round of pyweek to have fun.

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Solo entry for making a game this time with python on the web.. (Transcrypt). Am Pretty excited about the whole thing.

Entrant: gizmo_thunder



Entrant: chrisyan2000


Entrant: speedlimit35


I hope to use PyperCard to make a Myst-ish adventure game based on HyperCard like principles.

Will need:

  • Story tellers
  • Graphical artists
  • Sound design
  • Folks who value simple Python code

Would love the resulting game to become an example project for PyperCard (which I maintain).

PyperCard is a constrained and simple GUI framework for beginner programmers. As such, it'd be great if the resulting game, code and assets were simple enough to be beginner friendly, yet cool enough so beginner folks feel inspired to have a go themselves (perhaps with the resulting game of PyWeek 28 as a template).

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Registering an entry with a desire to do a number game.

Entrant: phoe6

Maximum Chakra

Sent by the sun and the winkybird to bring spiritual order to this pyweek entry.

We are in need of a foley artist.


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The Elder Guys are the drinking buddies to the Elder Gods.

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The team name is a Windows 95 joke.

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I'm making a game this year?!

That's weird.

Entrant: Zuzu_Typ