PyWeek Game Team Rating
31 Ares 3.86
28 Babel 3.61
27 Sixth Gear 2.94
26 Floodboat Nerds In Spaaaace 3.25
24 Boxes 3.33
23 Population 2.96
21 Stable Orbit 3.06
20 Recovery Debut Pyweekers 2.24

LeopardShark's awards

The Rosetta Stone award for teaching languages using masonry Presented by rdb for Babel

What's a Clutch? Presented by assertivist for Sixth Gear

deja vu Presented by chrisyan2000 for Sixth Gear

Safety Goggles Required Presented by cyhawk for Recovery

Cerebral Horror Award Presented by assertivist for Recovery

Carmen Miranda Wink of Approval Presented by iminurnamez for Recovery