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A roguelike in which you remotely control a Martian robot from Earth as it descends a mine to try to escape from the police.

The diffiiiculty comes from the speed‐of‐light time delay to Mars: you can only see the results of your actions three turns after you make them!


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Gameplay screenshot
LeopardShark 2021/04/04 20:18
Final Submission
LeopardShark 2021/04/04 08:05

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At 2085 lines of code, this the largest PyWeek entry I’ve submitted. I managed to finish off pretty much everything necessary. With more time, I’d probably just add more enemies, cards and map tiles. I think the final game is pretty hard, but it should be completable once you get your head around the delayed movement. The GitLab repository is here, if you’re interested.

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