PyWeek 31 challenge: “Cops”

The PyWeek 31 challenge has finished! Time to try out all those wonderful games!

The dates of this challenge are are 00:00 UTC March 28, 2021 to 00:00 UTC April 4, 2021.

Thursday 2021/02/11Pre-registration open
Sunday 2021/03/21Theme voting commences
Sunday 2021/03/28Challenge start
Sunday 2021/04/04Challenge end, judging underway
Sunday 2021/04/18Judging closes, winners announced

Recent awards:

Get a clue
Presented by Cosmologicon to Halt!

Presented by Cosmologicon to Badge Blaster 2112

heh nothin personel...kid
Presented by speedlimit35 to Asteroid Chase

we are dancing
Presented by speedlimit35 to SPI-COP

Presented by speedlimit35 to pygamer

preparation for the next generation of thinkers
Presented by speedlimit35 to 🚨👮🚨

award for flynn who has a nice voice
Presented by speedlimit35 to Copcake Caper

Best misinterpretation
Presented by Matthgeek to Gnorman's Copse

crab of approval
Presented by LargAnk to Python Prison

The Matryoshka Award for Unnecessary Nesting in Zip Files
Presented by rdb to Aquilam