PyWeek 31 challenge: “Cops”

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Cat Burglar

  • — A final build of the game for players to install if they don't want to check out the repo from github.

The theme given for pyweek 31 was โ€œCopsโ€.

You are a gorilla. Your cat was framed for illegal stonks trading, so you snuck into jail to bust her out. Now you need to make your escape!

This is a variation on a runner game genre, except you win if you last 2 minutes instead of the game being infinite.
Press space to jump over enemies. The longer you hold space, the higher you jump.

Python >= 3.7 is required. See this guide for information on how to install it.

Arcade >= 2.5.6 and dependencies are also required. They will be installed by following the instructions below.

Installation for Players

 1. Download the zip or clone the repo

You can find a link for the download below on this page, or you can clone the repo from github.

2. Enter the directory in your terminal or command prompt
3. Create a virtual environment
python -m venv CatBurglarVenv
4. Activate the environment.

Choose the appropriate command from the table below based on your OS and shell.

Operating System & Shell Command
Windows with cmd.exe
Windows with PowerShell
Linux , macOS , other *NIX
source CatBurglarVenv/bin/activate
5. Install the project and its requirements

Run the following command. It might take a bit to set up arcade.

pip install -e .
6. Run the game

You will need to have the virtual environment activated to run the game. If you open a new terminal (such as after restarting your computer), you will need to activate the shell again.

Asset citations

All sprites are original. System fonts get pulled by arcade to render text. What these will be depends on what you have installed.

Gorilla Sprites

Original Gorilla sprites by Salami. These donโ€™t show up in the game, but are bundled in the assets directory. The cat was added to the original versions by Pushfoo.


Cop and drone sprites by Pushfoo

Team: GelamiSalami, pushfoo


Hello, we are team AbstractSingletonProxyFactoryBean, and this is our submission for PyWeek 31!


This game was designed to run on Python 3.9. Other versions of python may not work properly.

In your terminal of choice, run

$ git clone
$ cd flawless
$ python -m pip install -r requirements.txt
$ python -m game

Depending on your platform, you may need to use python3 or py.


As part of the biggest heist of the century, your goal is to steal a diamond. To do this, you will have to bypass many levels of security. As you get closer to the diamond, the security will become tougher, and you will face new challenges. 

More information can be found by selecting How to Play from the main menu.

Level 1 Solution

Level 2 Solution

Level 3 Solution

Level 4 Solution

Level 5 Solution

Level 6 Solution

Level 7 Solution

Level 8 Solution

Level 9 Solution

Level 10 Hint 1

Level 10 Hint 2

Level 10 Hint 3

Level 10 Solution

Team: SavagePastaMan, Griff, lxnn, EwwPhysics, eddpmett, fix-error, Avongard, KJ

Special Cops

The central bank is robbed!!!

As a recruit, you are ordered to arrest the robbers, that are running loose through the city. As the chase proceeds, you have to teleport the thieves to the prisons all the while collecting the loads of money they have stolen. While playing you will come across health potions and ammunition for your teleporting gun.

Tip: Grab some doughnuts ๐Ÿฉ cause you are gonna need โ€˜em.

May you become the โ€œSpecial Copโ€ you always dreamed ofโ€ฆ.

So, get ready to hit the ๐Ÿšจsirens on๐Ÿšจ!!!

Entrant: Prathamesh



I am a hobby developer who writes lots of stuff in Python. When I make games in Python I always use pygame. This is my second pyweek and I'm hyped to use pygame 2.0. Please ping Gaming32#6509 with any questions about the game.


This website says my repo name is invalid, so Iโ€™m posting the link here:

Hello and welcome!
You have been hired as the new operator of our
robot police officer, COP.EXE.
Type "help" for help.

...begins this text-based adventure about bringing a robber to justice.

You will find that although looking at the map is easy, controlling your robot may not be so easy as WASD... you have been warned.

Entrant: Gaming32

Asteroid Chase

What is this game about?

You play as Jake. He is a police officer from the Outer Ring. 

He has just arrived in the capital to repair his rusty police ship. 

His plans change when he hears about a grand theft on the police radio. 

Help him catch the thieves of the imperial crown!

Game created by Team Vegemite Pierogis!


Game Design: VV0JCIECH, mit-mit

Programming: VV0JCIECH, mit-mit

Artwork: mit-mit, VV0JCIECH

Music, voice and sfx: mit-mit (additional voice by "Em")

A few of our sound effects

and campaign map planets are courtesy of external open-licenced resources (see README for details).

Enjoy our game!

Game Soundtrack:

BUG FIX (07/04/2021): There's an issue with our "requirements.txt" on some installs of python: if you are having issues installing the dependancies for our game (i.e. with "pip install -r requirements.txt"), then you can try deleting the line "dataclasses==0.8" from requirements.txt, before running pip again: this should fix any issues! Sorry for the inconvenience :)

Click below animation to watch full walktrough on YouTube:

Asteroid Chase Gameplay

Team: mit-mit, VV0JCIECH

Protect the Pond! Quack the Case!

Protect The Pond! Quack Some Heads! is a procedural duck pond gatekeeping simulator.

You are the worlds shootiest cop.


Bad Duckies want to enter your duck pond. Not on your watch! You will destroy those duckies! Your computer monitor informs you which duckies must be destroyed, so all you have to do is blindly follow instructions like a good cop.

If you let the Bad Duckies enter your pond, the pond is polluted by their presence. The whole world grows more and more toxic, and eventually everything dies.


  • Procedurally generated duckies! 
  • All graphics made from scratch during the jam.
  • Dynamic background music (composed during the jam) which changes based on the world's toxicity level.
  • Big red buttons!
  • Pondhouse Rules to determine who lives and who dies!
  • The entire world is your health indicator

Team: fisher, Akarys, kutiekatj9, Turtle, mbaruh, lemon, Chrisjl, bast0006, HassanAbouelela, Grote, kosayoda, lakmirlifiliol

Cops and Robbers

Just your average python coder. 

Entrant: JustAnotherCode


    - COP

 STORY / HowTo:

 A highly wanted criminal is on the run
 due to his high rank in the local community,
 it would be too risky to make a move on him
 during the day.

 You as the new recruit have been asked to
 have an eye on him during the day, to learn
 his habits, to be able to capture him during
 the night.
 At night the criminal seems to have changed the clothes,
 but you know his movement pattern, speed and size,
 this will finally put an end to this crimes.

 Easy mode: put him in jail, if you capture the wrong
            person you loose points till you are fired.

 Hard mode: get rid of the criminal directly, wrongly
            shot pedestrians will make you get fired

in short:
   - day: find the one (by description), and remember [his speed, his size, his walk path]
   - night: find the one with the same  [speed, size, walk path]

2nd game,
1st time in Python and 1st time in a game jam,
..hopefully have a lot of fun.

Programmers: Green_boyY, MasterPice
Artists: MasterPice
The-ones-that-are-bad-at-their-jobs: Green_boyY, MasterPice

Team: Green_boyY, MasterPice


  • — This is the whole game. To play: unzip the file and run you need to have downloaded pygame 1.9.6 and tkinter, and have python 3 or higher.
Hello this is a group of 2 people who suck at coding. We code and we are noobs at it.

Team: IcodePython, M_Tube

Defective: Dick Driver

Team of beginner python developers from all over the world. We are planing to use ursina engine. If u can code python, use blender or do story designing and u are willing to learn new thing u can apply here or send discord private pessage to !Jeb#6466

You can run the game with some command line arguments, both optional, but must be in order.

python3 {height in pixels (720 is default) always 16:9} {1 for fullscreen (default), 0 for windowed}

Team: Jeb, guns_r_2_big, memehunter, Gnabergasher

Protests Arrests

A cool team of two 16yo french students.

Team: ano002, NufNuf


A 2D platformer using Pygame in an interactive world.

You play a prisoner trying to escape the world.

Entrant: YannThor

PIT Stop

The goal of the game is to perform a PIT Maneuver on the red car. Move your cop car close to the rear quarter of the red car and attempt to spin the car to an angle of at least 45 degrees in either direction. You win by spinning the car 45 degrees or more, and lose if it is anything less.


  • WASD or arrow keys for movement.
  • W or Up increase your velocity (0-10)
  • S or Down decrease your velocity (0-10)
  • Spacebar to come to a complete stop
  • R will reset the game and start the red car in a new random location
  • Esc will quit the game

The level will increase as long as you want to play. The speed of the red car will max at about level 7.

NOTE: The "" will unzip correctly via finder in Mac, but will not unzip properly via the unzip cli utility. If you're on Linux I recommend downloading the source from the github repo. My apologies for the inconvenience. 

Windows Users - the file contains the .exe and the supporting data files, but no README. On my tests, the .exe file will need to be allowed by any AV and by windows in order to execute properly.

This is my first ever submission to a Game Jam. All constructive criticism is welcome. I'm James Alexander on discord if you have questions or feedback.


* Complete an entry and have something to submit at the end of the week (previous attempt in PyWeek 29 but I did not finish)

* Keep the game mechanic simple and digestible (both for programming and for user interface)

* Use as many randomly generated elements as possible

Entrant: yanigisawa

CyberCop 2031

  • About:
You are a policeman in a small city with the duty to find four criminals, explore the city and find the criminals.

  • Requiriments:

Python 3.7.3

pygame 2.0.0

numpy 1.16.3

* Not sure if the version of Python or numpy affect, only tested in these versions.

* The version of pygame it is important, if you use a older version delete the function in 'carCrash' and change the name of 'carCrash2' to 'carCrash'.

  • How to Play:

w: Move up

a: Move left

s: Move right

d: Move down

e: Interact with people

f: Get in/out the car

ESCAPE: Go to menu

SPACE: Next text message

ARROWS: Select option in the menu.

  • Guide:

You can guide yourself with the map that is in the Spoilers folder in Images.

Also here is a game play of the game:

The first thing you should do is go with your neighbor on the left, to get the car keys and thus be able to move faster, if you go back to your wife, she will tell you to go to the police station, there they will give you your uniform and the mission to find the four criminals.

The first criminal is the Racer, who skips the red lights, this one is just below the police station.

The second criminal is your other neighbor, who committed the great outrage of using Python 2 instead of Python 3 for pyweek.

The third criminal will be in the bank.

The last criminal is the drunk, he is in the bar, you must go on foot, since the car does not fit through the alleys. You will have to talk to him several times to convince him to go to the police station.

With all the criminals locked up, you can return to the police station where all the criminals will be and they will congratulate you on a job well done.

Finally, you can return to your wife who will also congratulate you.

  • Sound and Music

Alls the sound effects and music are from:

Entrant: RicBin

Snake Cop


In a world where the snakes rule, Mouses with DNA modified, had start a revolution to destroi at all cust this the world of SNAKES.

Can you help to save this world?

Entrant: GamerC08

The War on Drugs

Entrant: PyTM30

Speed Limit

You are on traffic duty today. Use your radar pistol to check the speed limit. If a vehicle is too fast, click it to kick it off the road. Wrongly kicking a vehicle may or may not result in disciplinary action. YMMV.

Gameplay Video:

Entrant: thp

Training Ground

This is the team Lua Sucks! (Because it does ok?)................................. its just me

Trying to write a text adventure game using ncurses or curses........ Fingers crossed!

OK Gave that up. Now trying a pygame based game


Entrant: lua-sucks


Workin' For The Man is a futuristic interactive computer simulation. The game puts you in the role of a crack Computer Forensics specialist in the local police bureau. Day in and day out it is your lot to pillage an endless train of broken and booby-trapped electronic devices and scour them for admissible evidence against the purveyors of vice and graft. Today is no different. The smashed heap unceremoniously dumped on your table by a mirror-eyed, burly COP clone is an inert hulk of metal, plastic, and rare earth for you to reassemble, jolt back to life, and torment for its secrets. "Do yer thing, doc," he jokes without humor. Some days it's a rewarding job, most others a curse to scratch your eyes out for. What'll it be today?

Important: Please see this discussion for the solution about the tar-gz download bug.

Important: This game requires a mic and additional software to play. Please thoroughly read readme.txt for software requirements, game instructions, tips, and tricks.

More important: The boss puzzle is very evil. There are progressive spoilers at the end of the readme. Go slowly, unless you're a shameless donut-chasing cheater.

Team: DR0ID, gummbum

Donut Run

Entrant: karx

Raccoon City

Raccoons are out hunting for donuts. Can you stop their party?
Beat the time and catch the boss.

WASD or arrow keys to move
Press Space for some fancy lights
R to restart

You can run the game from the windows or linux executables or from the source code provided.

Github repo:

Play through video:
Video play through
Music: taterstew
Artwork: DemonCyborg, pillitoka, ballipilla
Programming: pillitoka, ballipilla

Team: ballipilla, pillitoka, taterstew, DemonCyborg

Cool Cop - Escape Game

Game desriptionItems descriptionControlsGame mechanicsEnd

git clone
cd .\pyweek31\
python -m pip install -r requirements.txt

Team: Heuser, CabCon, coffee, Sturmwolke, Zoe, MaliaCataleya




Cops are coming! Run!

Entrant: xmzhang1


The void highlords...
we're just here to have fun, make new friends and experiment.
Install pygame before running.
press space to jump

Team: Riccardo06452, ankith101rar, Felix

Wrobers Grab n' Run

Description of Game: This is an arcade style kind of game where you rack up as much points(in this case MONEY) by running up to people stealing their cash before the game is over(getting caught by police).

Returning to PyWeek Game Jam after a failed attempt a few challenges ago(Specifically the "Tower" event). This run is going to be as overly simplistic in scope as possible, No matter what the Theme is.

Also "Shade of Code" team name is something that I randomly came up with on the spot.

Using the following

Software: Pycharm

Python Module: PyGame

Edit: Removed Tiled. Didn't need it after all.

Entrant: Phantasma

Cool Cop - Bad City

Cool Cop - Bad City

This is basically a prototype for a game. I didn't want to not submit anything as I think I had done some things well that I liked, so I decided to upload this. I had a lot of unprecedented work this week, so I didn't really get to do as good of a job as I wanted.

That being said, this game clearly isn't the greatest and that's okay. Feel free to give it the harshest score, at this point I'm pretty understanding of why one would give it to me.


  • Python 3+
  • Pygame 2.0+ (maybe 1.9+)
  • PyTMX

There's also a requirements.txt for pip if you'd prefer that.

How to Play

The goal of the game is to solve crimes around the city. You can left-click on buildings to move to them, help them with ongoing crimes, and buy items from them, such as food and gas. Try to keep your food and gas up, because if you don't, you'll do tasks much much slower. If all the buildings are left unattended to, the game is over.

You can also hit F11 to toggle fullscreen. And if you don't like the sounds/music you can hit M to toggle those as well.

Entrant: OrionDark7

Paper Pushers

  • — Final submission
  • — Final submission - add coffee break

Entrant: siddhartha13


i code in python with pygame and i have never really finished a game, this is my first time joining the pyweek game jam

Entrant: huub


Pyweek 31 Entry: Freeze!!!

A thief is running away with the money!

Arrest him before he takes off!

Don't forget to protect the civilians on your way!!!


  • Press [a] and [d] to move left and right
  • Press [w] or [space] to jump
  • Aim your cursor at the criminals to slow them down
  • When the enemy is frozen in place, you can arrest them by walking towards them!

Walkthrough video:

Please read the README.txt before playing!

Requirements & Running the game:

  • Pygame 1.9+, Python 3 -> pip install pygame
  • for exe version run Freeze.exe
  • for src version, run

Gameplay screenshot:

Team: chrisyan2000, jeffzhkw

The Last Commissioner


Somehow, you have found yourself as the police commissioner of Riverton at the worst possible time: days after a zombie invasion. Can you deploy officers, manage goodwill, and save your city from the waves of zombies that walk in suspiciously straight lines?


This entry just requires stock pygame. However is uses one mouse cursor system only available in pygame 2.0.1, so running it on pygame 2.0.0 or below will result in an error.

This game is built for Python 3.6 and above, but it has only been tested on Python 3.7 and above.


The game can be run by executing

Note: This pygame uses pygame.SCALED and the vsync setting in `pygame.display.set_mode()` to aim to provide a better experience for different display sizes.


Since it is a tower defense, most of our controls are pretty self evident.

You click on towers to buy them, you click on a valid map space to place.

You click on a placed tower to see its information.

To scroll around the larger maps, you can use the arrow keys.


All art was created from scratch by our team, along with many of the sound effects.

Obviously the game was created from scratch in stock pygame.

Team: Starbuck5, icemoon97, IceFire, Vanessa1104, njbradley

Police Pursuit



but hopefully it should :))

Team: LargAnk, Yourself

Python Prison

A puzzle game where you have to bribe cops and write Python programs to break out of jail!


Despite explaining to the cops "everyone wears a balaclava to the bank" you keep inexplicably finding yourself locked in jails. Luckily there's plenty of materials around to bribe the guards with. If not perhaps you can make more? You may end up having to execute some of the characters the jail holds...

Can you make your way out to the redemptive grass?

To Play

Download and extract the zip and navigate to the folder and run these commands:

pip install -r requirements.txt

Python Prison was Built using Python 3.9.2 and pygame 2.0.1 and tested on the latest Python 3.9.4.

It was tested on Windows 10 and Linux Mint but not Mac OS because I don't have a Mac computer to test it on.

I have received reports it may crash around level 5 on Mac :(


  • WASD/Arrows - move
  • Shift - sprint
  • Space - pull
  • 1 - set the top left of the blue execution region
  • 2 - set the bottom right of the blue execution region
  • 3 - set the top left of the red output region
  • 4 - set the bottom right of the red output region
  • R - run the code contained in the blue execution region
  • Esc - reset level
  • M - toggle mute
  • I - toggle info
  • F9 - main menu
  • F10 skip level (cheating!)
  • F12 skip to sandbox (cheating!)

Video Playthrough

A full playthrough can be watched here - - but be sure to try the game yourself first!

gif demo

Resources Used

I wrote all the code and made all the assets for the game except for the following:

Entrant: discretegames


An investigative card-based game where you need to track down a killer.

Instructions are in README.txt. I didn't have time to add in-game instructions, sorry.

Entrant: Tee

Law & Border-Collie

Team: Xyolidge, merricat, Ratnarchiste


  • — My final submission. The game can be ran as a executable for windows and with pygame install on any other platform with the source code version. Also the game as a fixed screen size so it would be easier to make levels for any screen size
I am searching to have fun, learn new skills and at least finish my game.

Entrant: catornot


  • — Source code release for final submission. This only contains the source and readme, not the design files as they are available from github.
# Station 31

A detective short story about a Cop stumbling into a case just before his shift ends. Will you help him get through and solve it.

It may not be the longest game on here since it's been done in about 3 days only, but you can try to find all the sentences that are hidden in there. After all, there are 80+ in it.

Currently built packages are available for Linux and Windows. It's similarly easy to run from source though. Check below for more information.

# Gameplay
Point and click short story.
Just use your mouse to navigate through the menus and the game itself.

# Screenshots
Title Screen
In game screen
# How to RunBinary
  1. Download and unzip the archive
  2. Run the Station31 executable

# From Source
  1. Navigate into the src directory
  2. Run
    pip install -r requirements.txt
  3. Run

# How to Play
=Main menu=
In the main menu, you can start the game by clicking the Station 31 sign.

Open the options to set Volume, Mute audio and toggle fullscreen.

Exit the game by clicking the exit sign on the bottom left

=Game screen=
In the game you'll see 3 frames, the main frame where you see the games world,
a second frame to the right which will hold items you find and a text frame
below the main frame which will provide the story text.

You can click on elements within the main frame to interact with them.
Sometimes you have to use items stored in your inventory, just click them.
To interact with characters, just click on them.
You can quit the game and toggle audio playing with the buttons on the bottom right

# Requirements
Panda3D engine version 1.10

Entrant: fireclaw


A roguelike in which you remotely control a Martian robot from Earth as it descends a mine to try to escape from the police.

The diffiiiculty comes from the speedโ€ofโ€light time delay to Mars: you can only see the results of your actions three turns after you make them!

Entrant: LeopardShark

We Share A Braincell

  • — The zip file that contains everything. Unzip it and run the file. This is a game where you are a bunny who commited a felony and now the eagle cops are chasing you. Get farther into the level to get a higher score! Click to shoot.
We are a team of semi-experienced python coders going to our first game jam. As you can see from our title, we share a brain cell and we have no idea what the heck were doing. Please don't kick us from this jam. We really wanna try.

Team: camelCasedSnivy, ReVerbGame

I'll Cop Your Heart

Try to cop (steal) as many hearts as you can!
Note: All hearts copped are taken in an aromantic way.

This is a simple minigame. It requires the latest version of python (3.9), and the pygame and random modules.

I made this game solo. This is my second game jam, but my first pyweek. My goals were to actually finish the game and make something fun along the way, keeping accessibility in mind.

I also posted this on

Entrant: doodletaco

Gnorman's Copse

copse (noun): a thicket of trees

Hex-based puzzle game where you help gnomes build copses to collect magic. Control using the mouse. Open the Help & Settings menu inside the game for full control info and tips. See README.txt for command-line options.

Music by Kevin MacLeod,

Entrant: Cosmologicon


MISSION: CLAIM FREE DONUT tells the story of a mischevious child who steals a police officer's donut as he is about to take a bite. 

The child must give his all to escape the officer's pursuit. Run away from the cop, keep him away by typing correct words and avoid the apples to keep running! If he catches you.... you do not know what will happen....

Here is the playthrough if needed:

Entrant: speedlimit35



A mystery, A chase, and a fight!

All files available at:

Addressing an error in the final entry

There is an error in the Final entry. In the last game (the fight), DO NOT use the move "The huge missile". The move will cause the game to crash, due to there being a typo in the code.

The typo can be fixed by changing line 30 in screens/ from what it is currently to:   

` "The huge missile": music_controller.play_the_huge_missile`, The H is capitalized in the submission, but it is not supposed to be. All other parts of the game work, and "The huge missile" will also work after this change.

All the binaries not marked with _fixed will also have this error.

We have updated the code and uploaded fixed files with the prefix _fixed. Please use these files to not face the error. We are not marking this entry as final, since it requires a code change and we didn't notice until now.

Team: Kartesian, AyushCodez, pjrMakesPyGames, i_am_sov, CandyOnFire

Sergant Brown - LaserTag Training

Sergant Brown - LaserTag Training
PyWeek #31 entry for the theme "Cops"

Python 3.7.4
PyGame 1.9.6

How to play
Starting the gameDouble-click on, or open up a command prompt / terminal, and navigate to the directiory, and type python

- Movement: WASD-keys
- Shooting: Left Mouse Button
- Aiming, Direction, Turning: Mouse
- Infrared Camera: Spacebar

Aim, Instructions
Finish all five laser tag arenas as quickly and with the fewest shots as possible.
You play the role of a sergant, namely Sergant Brown.
He has to shoot at most five criminals per arena (in each arena, there will be one more criminal).

You control the green policeman, the criminals have the colour red.  All are equipped with a laser tagging device.  You shoot where the green dot is.
The red dot shows where the criminals are aiming.  Beware about this.
Once you've been hit, you have to start all over again.
Eliminating all criminals advances you to the next arena.

Each arena is completely dark.  You won't see any walls, unless you use the infrared camera.  This makes everything, including criminals, visible for a short amount of time, until everyting goes black again, and you only see your and the enemies' aiming point.

You can use the infrared camera every five seconds, as shown by the indicator at the top "Infrared Camera: Yes/No".
Also, the current arena is displayed at the top.

- Code: GNU General Public License 3
- Images, Sounds, Music: CC BY-NC
- Font: SIL Open Font License

Jannik (Master47)

Entrant: Master47


  • — This is my PyWeek entry. The goal is to escape the prision you will be placed in. I intend to come back to it on a later date but for now IM FREEE xD. To install the dependencies do "pip3 install -r requirements.txt" To run the game do python3
Just a kid playing with python

Entrant: drones_flier

Airlift One

You are the first police hover pilot in Neo City. Use the arrow keys to move around the map, and hover over task markers to complete those tasks. Some tasks may require going to another location to complete it.

Entrant: Matthgeek

Badge Blaster 2112

It's the year 2112.

Evil cops have taken over the world, arresting everyone they see and hear only to recruit them shortly thereafter. You're not having any of that so you start the engine of your delightfully pink sports car of death and begin the most awesome getaway the world has ever known!
All assets (except fonts) made from scratch!
Hendrik-jan - Lead Design & Audio
tizilogic - Procedural Generation
Fireclaw - Graphics
rdb - Fireworks
Schwarzbaer - Potato Lord

Watch the trailer on YouTube

Use the arrow keys to control this game. Gamepad is also supported, but note to UNPLUG your gamepad to use the keyboard controls.

Your high score will be submitted to a server, so you can compare your results to other players.

Binary builds are provided below, but if they don't work, use the source, Luke. Requires Python 3.7 or higher to run from source.

NOTE: rdb forgot to pack requirements.txt in the source archive. Run this to install the requirements:

python -m pip install panda3d==1.10.9 panda3d_keybindings

Team: rdb, fireclaw, zwerver, tizilogic

Copcake Caper

Copcake Caper: A playful culinary adventure with whimsical characters. A pair of raccoons distract the police from their misdeeds in the most delicious way possible.

Team: Chard, ahdok, Carrie, gsyhiap, Chips, janrep