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 STORY / HowTo:

 A highly wanted criminal is on the run
 due to his high rank in the local community,
 it would be too risky to make a move on him
 during the day.

 You as the new recruit have been asked to
 have an eye on him during the day, to learn
 his habits, to be able to capture him during
 the night.
 At night the criminal seems to have changed the clothes,
 but you know his movement pattern, speed and size,
 this will finally put an end to this crimes.

 Easy mode: put him in jail, if you capture the wrong
            person you loose points till you are fired.

 Hard mode: get rid of the criminal directly, wrongly
            shot pedestrians will make you get fired

in short:
   - day: find the one (by description), and remember [his speed, his size, his walk path]
   - night: find the one with the same  [speed, size, walk path]

2nd game,
1st time in Python and 1st time in a game jam,
..hopefully have a lot of fun.

Programmers: Green_boyY, MasterPice
Artists: MasterPice
The-ones-that-are-bad-at-their-jobs: Green_boyY, MasterPice


we are dancing
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Ratings (show detail)

Overall: 3.4
Fun: 2.9
Production: 3.4
Innovation: 3.9

11% respondents marked the game as not working.
Respondents: 8


File Uploader Date
compiled version for Windows10 x64
Green_boyY 2021/04/03 22:40
MasterPice 2021/04/03 21:52
our submission.
Green_boyY 2021/04/03 21:51

Diary Entries

first day

we had some ideas..

we made some process with the gameEngine (( sprites, buttons,...))
the Engine for the NPCs was not realy there at all

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second day - an Engine for the NPCs .. more or less

The Engine for the NPCs is there now:
    - it can move,
    - hit the wall ( and react),
    - has some looks to choose from,
    - can change the looks depending on the state ( standing, walking, ..),
    There are some managing classes, to take care of some NPC stuff... ( like images to be loaded, size ratios, animation frames, position, wall detection,....):
        - the "Cloth" class // for all the clothes of an NPC
        - the "walker" class // for walking throu the game

There is a beginning of a manager (that is there for):
    - NPCs don't just walk into each other ( in some way ..),
    - NPCs will be stoppable from outside (= the user),

There is a Vector class... // we made it rather simple... not much to say...

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Options Menu Finished

today I finished making the options menu work, now we can fully commit to the game with different settings in mind.how the options Menu looks currently

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day 3

- made a Manager calss, to take care of the NPCs, mouse..
- added a debugger
- struggled to make the movements right -> thats why there is a dibugger now

- now the NPCs can be dragged by mouse, and go back to theyr "yellow box"

debugging boxes, they arent following theyr path yet
they are not following their path yet... but thats enough for this day

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fixed a path bug, added ForceStanding

- now - finaly- the bug that gave the  NPCs a wrong position is fixed.. i hope
- added a feature, to make the NPCs stop moving... // will come in handy
- got a nice new idea xD

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Combining each others progress

Today we were able to combine the Interface with the mechanics of the game.
surprisingly we didn't encounter any bugs beside that the import paths had to been updated.
let's hope this doesn't bite us in the leg later :D

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Engine and Gui (Interface) combine

so we got both together...

- had to fix quite some bugs, with resizing  ( or rather updating the new size )

    - a SoftMode (easy mode, no failing), that workt rather well.
    - the GameMechanic was added  // first time its kinda playable 🥳
    - descriptions done
    - hardmode ( not fully done yet)
    - score
    - fixed a minor bug ( that caused an easy exploid)

    - remove a potential exploid ( based on the indices order -> easy to tell the correct answer)
    - making the game a bit nicer looking, adding storry....
    - making the descriptions random ( -> harder to get the information out fast)

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day 5 - finalizing it

   - pictures for some scenes
   - repositioning of buttons ( still some work left)
   - adding some more clothes
   - sound

( the menu scene):

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