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PyWeek Game Team Rating
28 Nerdozog's Ascent Universe Factory 28 3.76
26 Compiano 2.57
25 Bitetris 2.64
24 No Entry 3.57
23 Wing Craft 3.75
22 Upside Down 3.26
21 Hao Wan 2.48

xmzhang1's awards

Arthur C. Clarke Memorial Award for being Indistinguishable from Magic Presented by mit-mit for Nerdozog's Ascent

The Outer Rim Drag Monster Cup Presented by tundish for Nerdozog's Ascent

two-handed combat Presented by yarolig for Bitetris

The Python 2 is dead award Presented by ntoll for Bitetris

I been framed I tell ya! Presented by gummbum for No Entry

Threw My Controller Presented by assertivist for Wing Craft

Classic arcade throwback Presented by Unicorn Markets for Wing Craft

Celest beauty Presented by Buffalo974 for Wing Craft

The deep nesting award for creative packaging Presented by drnlm for Hao Wan