Bitetris,means bi-tetris, player plays two tetris at the same time. As in a Louis Cha novel, Zhou Botong created his unique skill "Left and Right Inter-fighting". I think my game style is this, maybe a little hard, but just for fun. Don't worry, be happy :)

The game is written in kivy, I already package it for android, you can just install the .apk file(githublink). Or if you are on Windows, there is another choice, you can download the .zip file(githublink). Of course you can try the source code(githublink), be sure to follow the installation guide on kivy's official site :) All the versions I have already uploaded here is the same of the github link I mentioned :)


On windows, wsad & ↑↓←→ for control the left & right screen operation

On android, swipe up,down,left,right in left & right screen to control

ps. About the password in title screen. hint is already there :) The game has no sound, sorry about that,  and no animation effect, I am quite lazy in fact :)


two-handed combat
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The Python 2 is dead award
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Overall: 2.6
Fun: 2.6
Production: 2.7
Innovation: 2.6

6% respondents marked the game as not working.
Respondents: 14


File Uploader Date
for windows
xmzhang1 2018/04/20 00:43
for android
xmzhang1 2018/04/19 13:26
source code(need kivy)
xmzhang1 2018/04/19 13:11
xmzhang1 2018/04/18 07:04

Diary Entries

April 16th

well, 8 o'clock yesterday morning, I get the theme 'two world'. It is not my favoriate theme :) But I put it for my second choice, just because I like this word. I have two sons, and they are two world in my reality. And in fact, I have no idea about the game itself, I do not have much time this time, my little son is only 3+ month, I have to take care of him when I get home, and I do not want to miss pyweek, so maybe I take an easy game as my entry.

I have an idea is about bi-tetris, the screen is divided into two part, both of them is a single tetris game, but the player control both of them at the same time. then I add some fun elements in it.

I still use kivy this time, it is more efficient than pygame. And of course that means I have to leave one day to package my game :)

Hope everything goes well :)  

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April 18th (Sunny 28°)

well, I think maybe I have already finish my pyweek :) Currently, I have done what I want, creat a bi-tetris game, left one with odd falling piece, but when the piece stop, become normal. left one with normal falling piece, but when stop, change to odd shape. My initial throught is alternatively masking the left and right screen. but someone already have that idea. Then I change it, I want to switch the piece between screen, but I found there is some problems,say, how to do the swap operation? double tap? or just use left/right control the swapping. and during the test, I found I can not focus my concentration between the two screen. So I finally get a idea, if left screen clear the lines, the right screen get a punishment, it would grow lines. that is also how two-player vs tetris plays :)

Anyway, I found the philosophy is in my game, you can not do two things well at one time. :)

OK, Maybe I should get back to my work, the left days just do some minor changes and package it :) Pyweek is good, while life is hard :)

My code (need kivy)



April 20th (Partly Cloudy 20°)

With help of mauve, I finally uploaded my entry file. Fellows, close up! ahahahahahaha :) 

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