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3 3 3

But I don't want to play two games of tetris simultaenously

3 3 4

It was a new take on Tetris. I don't understand why there was a password, I figured it out but it
was really kind of silly. The tetris part was kind of fun because of the two sides. For a classic
idea, it was an original concept.

2 3 3

no sound? nice login screen, but tetris is boring

1 1 1 yes

I made some attempt to install the dependencies, but eventually had to move on. I've got more to

3 3 2

Surprisingly challenging remake of a classic game. Just like Tetris to play but harder. I
found the right hand side much more challenging than the left. The title screen puzzle was
unexpected but I enjoyed it.

3 2 2

I don't understand why there is password, i have to read the source code to play the game.

3 3 3

The difficulty is real XD. But nice game overall, goo job! Would be better if you could add some
more special effects and animations. And change this to two players plzzz, and two sets of

2 3 3

Looks like it is intended for 2 players but it is still a bit fun to play alone.

3 2 4

What an interesting concept. At first I thought that the weird shapes were purely cosmetic,
but as I played longer I realized how much of an impact it had on the gameplay, especially as the
time becomes tight and you need to see what's going on at a glance. I started to wonder which side
I thought was easier, and I'm not sure. Quite an experience, thank you.

3 3 1

A nice looking Tetris clone. Wasn't sure what the password screen was for..?!?! :-) Python
2..? Who uses that any more..?

2 3 4

Cool idea with two Tetris games

3 3 2

Yup, it’s definitely just two games of tetris at once. I wasn’t sure what effect the block
morphing had on the game: was this just visual?

2 3 1

Two player Tetris.

2 2 1

I was never a fan of tetris in the first place, but playing this makes me appreciate it. The
decision to make the tiles different shapes was a bad one. It was confusing and i'm pretty sure
there is no shape to fill in a hole on the very left side of the level. I really wish I could say
something positive about this, but I couldn't really find anything that I liked

3 2 3

Although the 2-player mechanic is nice, and for once it follows the theme, a graphical issue
had to knock a couple points off. Other than that, good work.