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The deep nesting award for creative packaging
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Overall: 2.5
Fun: 2.7
Production: 2.5
Innovation: 2.2

8% respondents marked the game as not working.
Respondents: 11


File Uploader Date
the aftermath-1.0.1.zipfinal
xmzhang1 2016/03/05 14:56
xmzhang1 2016/03/05 14:21
the aftermath-1.0.zipfinal
xmzhang1 2016/03/05 00:11

Diary Entries

let me do it!

one hour ago i still thought the theme would be the showtime .....anyhow try my best to finish my first pyweek.

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1 day have been passed!

I have no idea to design my game, I find it is really a hard work to find pictures, to design the scene, to choose the background music... There is no time for me to design everything, so just type the code, imitate the Alien Shooter.

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2 days have been passed!

The work seemed OK, tomorrow i will creat my own module to move the object, it will be a hard work to me.

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half week has been passed!

I find it is really a big chanllenge for me to make a game in week, yesterday i spent serval hours to draw the pictures...too many ideas I have to give up...finally, i will upload a copycat version ^v^

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2 days left!

OK, i think i have to give up many ideas(bugs), first to complete the whole game, even the ugly pictures are ok,try to upload my work tomorrow.

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less than 1 day, submit my file...

The first time join pyweek, learning by doing. This challenge really give me a lot joy!

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Final submission done!

# Now is nearly 23:00 at my local time, and i submitte my final work. Everyday after work, i nearly spend 4 hours or more to type my code and do the debug. I know the final work is still seemed sily, a little naive. But i do not care it(maybe you care about it...). because I can make a game in week, and i did it all by myself, and now i can share it to others. For me it is a great progress, i can not using English language in the correctly way, not to mention Python language. I hope i can join the pyweek 22, and next time, I will make a better game! P.S I can not fix the exist bugs in the code, is there anyone can help me? I could invite you to eat Henan's stewed noodles.