Final submission done!

# Now is nearly 23:00 at my local time, and i submitte my final work. Everyday after work, i nearly spend 4 hours or more to type my code and do the debug. I know the final work is still seemed sily, a little naive. But i do not care it(maybe you care about it...). because I can make a game in week, and i did it all by myself, and now i can share it to others. For me it is a great progress, i can not using English language in the correctly way, not to mention Python language. I hope i can join the pyweek 22, and next time, I will make a better game! P.S I can not fix the exist bugs in the code, is there anyone can help me? I could invite you to eat Henan's stewed noodles.

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Nice little game. Glad you had time to complete it!

For those trying to get this game to work, do the following.

1. Get hypatia here: Put the hypatia folder (a subfolder in the archive) in the game root.
2. Edit, change "sys.path.append('script')" to "sys.path.insert(0, 'script')".
3. Go defend your turf from the space bullies.

Ha. Ignore point #1. This was an artifact of my environment. was finding in hypatia, not the intended script directory. It gave me a misleading message about hypatia package not found. #2 is the fix.