Howdy. My name is Gummbum. You may call me Gumm, or anything I'll answer to.

Gumm in a nutshell...

I like teamwork and workin' alone. I wish they weren't mutually exclusive.

I like enough rules and conventions to impose some order. I like enough chaos to bend the rules. I think I like chaos somewhat more, cuz when there ain't enough I will make some.

I am moody and analytical. I like moody and analytical people. I prefer purely analytical people over purely moody people. I sometimes tease the people I like. Some have taken me for an instigator but it's just an opportunistic hobby.

Python and pygame are an intellectual and emotional escape. It's what I do with much of my free time. Competition is not about pwning, it's about having a complete and total blast. This ain't work, it's play.

gummbum's entries

25 Where have all the birds, flowers, white clouds, blue skies gone? CoDoGuPywk25 3.31
24 cANT2: The Hidden Threat codogupywk24 3.19
23 G(r)ate mystery. Gnaval ConunDrumm 3.62
22 You cANT let him in here DRummb0ID 3.53
21 Detention: The Aftermath DRummb0ID 3.33
20 Data Blasters! DRummb0ID 3.17
19 VROOM41 Multiverse Factory 19 3.14
18 Hackers 8-bit Hackers 8-bit 3.31
17 Gumm's Harvest Moon 2.76
14 Lunatic's Arsenal Multiverse Factory 14 3.48
13 Gummbum DNF
13 Shroomgobbler Multiverse Factory 13 3.48
12 Fractured Soul Multiverse Factory 3.79
12 To be determined DNF

gummbum's awards

The chips are down Presented by Cosmologicon for cANT2: The Hidden Threat

the sequel is even better than the original Presented by mit-mit for cANT2: The Hidden Threat

Inertial Dampeners Presented by assertivist for G(r)ate mystery.

cяεερy αητs Presented by xmzhang1 for You cANT let him in here

Old School Cool Presented by typhonic for Detention: The Aftermath

Outside the Box Presented by wezu for VROOM41

Controller Death Presented by grummi for VROOM41

Nuanced Cybernetic Violence Presented by assertivist for Hackers 8-bit

Puntastic! Presented by Luke for Lunatic's Arsenal

Nice hat Presented by Cosmologicon for Shroomgobbler

Zebedee Prize for Monopodal Locomotion Presented by gcewing for Shroomgobbler

Voldemort Prize for Spiritual Subdivision Presented by gcewing for Fractured Soul

Protagonist Most Likely To Love the Powerglove Presented by mstrange for Fractured Soul