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Detention: The Aftermath

Detention: The Aftermath. You (the player) are a math dunce and a rebel. Your math teacher loves his dutiful little students, but he hates you. So he punishes you with detention. But you soon discover all is not what it seems.


Old School Cool
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Overall: 3.3
Fun: 2.8
Production: 3.8
Innovation: 3.4

18% respondents marked the game as not working.
Respondents: 13


File Uploader Date
DETENTION, The Aftermath-FINAL-1.1-EXE.7z
windows exe
DR0ID 2016/03/06 21:48
DETENTION, The Aftermath-FINAL-1-1.tar.gzfinal
Final entry v1.1 - bug fixes
gummbum 2016/03/06 21:26
DETENTION, The Aftermath-1.0-FINAL.zipfinal
Final entry v1.0
gummbum 2016/03/06 02:52
Our hero is being flanked by dubious classmates
gummbum 2016/03/05 00:54
Professor teaches a student the value of math
gummbum 2016/03/05 00:50
the hallway
DR0ID 2016/03/03 05:21

Diary Entries

Day 6 - DRummB0ID_21 - Detention: The Aftermath

I don't usually write diary entries during the week. I'll keep it short, then.

The first day we spent several hours on the concept. Had to make sure we shared a vision. This was one of our weaker ideas, so I think the time spent on concept paid off. We had already had a skeleton to-do list made, and a selection of libraries. Everything else is from scratch: DR0ID's fun hand-drawn art style; sfx and music scrounged on the fly, and coding the brains.

Up until Thursday it was like a junkyard raid: scavenged parts strewn about, some fit together on our workbench and rigged up to hook this wire up and do...something.

Mid Thursday we finally had enough to integrate. We started putting it together, and suddenly we had a game. Very rough, but a game. After gathering the remains of the strewn parts off the floor and banging them in place, and much makeshift casting, grinding, and tweaking, we have a Bondo masterpiece.

What does Bondo have to do with our game? Uh. Nothing but a nostalgic metaphor.

I posted a couple new screenshot teasers. But no spoilers for you! We still need to paint and buff and polish the chrome before we pull the curtain away. =)


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Day 8 - The packaging

I had a packaging problem with Zip. When I tested my download I observed that the unpacked intro music was hiccuping. I tested many things and could not resolve it. On a lark I tried tar.gz and the issue went away. Sorry to those who prefer zips.

DR0ID made a Windows exe. Kudos. I am amazed. Please note the exe does not include numpy (issues with py2exe and numpy, apparently), so if you play that one you will be missing out on some gradient font rendering eye-candy.

We fixed a number of bugs. Hopefully all the DNW are now resolved. Many thanks to those who pointed them out early.

Congrats to everyone who finished their project! Looking forward to playing the games.

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