DR0ID's entries

23 G(r)ate mystery. Gnaval ConunDrumm
22 You cANT let him in here DRummb0ID 3.53
21 Detention: The Aftermath DRummb0ID 3.33
20 Data Blasters! DRummb0ID 3.17
19 VROOM41 Multiverse Factory 19 3.14
18 Hackers 8-bit Hackers 8-bit 3.31
17 Vegetarian Werewolf 2.62
16 Pyweeks revenge 3.02
15 Sixth chance DNF
14 Lunatic's Arsenal Multiverse Factory 14 3.48
13 Shroomgobbler Multiverse Factory 13 3.48
12 Fractured Soul Multiverse Factory 3.79
11 Caught on Picture Alpha Place DNF
10 Waggle __pyweekings__ 3.05
9 Import This! Import This! 2.47
8 Fifth chance DNF
8 pekujdr0idwork pekujdr0idwork 3.33
7 4th chance DNF
7 ???? Team Dropouts DNF
6 fydle - fydo and ldle fydle - fydo and ldle 3.12
6 Third Chance DNF
5 Murmel Murmel 3.40
3 The (messy) disappearing act 2.18

DR0ID's awards

cяεερy αητs Presented by xmzhang1 for DRummb0ID

Old School Cool Presented by typhonic for DRummb0ID

Outside the Box Presented by wezu for Multiverse Factory 19

Controller Death Presented by grummi for Multiverse Factory 19

Nuanced Cybernetic Violence Presented by assertivist for Hackers 8-bit

Puntastic! Presented by Luke for Multiverse Factory 14

Nice hat Presented by Cosmologicon for Multiverse Factory 13

Zebedee Prize for Monopodal Locomotion Presented by gcewing for Multiverse Factory 13

Voldemort Prize for Spiritual Subdivision Presented by gcewing for Multiverse Factory

Protagonist Most Likely To Love the Powerglove Presented by mstrange for Multiverse Factory

My eyes are burning Presented by shundread for __pyweekings__

Made me sick award! Presented by bencoder for __pyweekings__

__A1 alphabestical team name!! Presented by illume for __pyweekings__

The Most Trippy Award Presented by ciaran.mooney for __pyweekings__

Can hear the lambdas talking Presented by T-002 for pekujdr0idwork

Angry Neighbors Award Presented by pymike for pekujdr0idwork

John Munch Conspiracy Award - Two games with Lawn & Order AND they both involve throwing? Conspiracy! Presented by ZeroByte for pekujdr0idwork

Most Confusing Game Presented by Tigga for fydle - fydo and ldle