screenshot of final game (glade I made it to the timeline)

The (messy) disappearing act

Just curious. First time entry.


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Overall: 2.2
Fun: 1.6
Production: 2.3
Innovation: 2.7

Respondents: 32


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after one suggestion, I added hint to help the user a bit
6.4 MB DR0ID 2006/09/09 22:41
screenshot of final game (glade I made it to the timeline)
191.6 KB DR0ID 2006/09/09 21:54
Final version, could be better.....(well fist time experience) :-)
6.0 MB DR0ID 2006/09/09 21:51
prefinal, not enough time to finish it the way I wanted it!
4.6 MB DR0ID 2006/09/09 14:23
some buggy animation
676.7 KB DR0ID 2006/09/07 19:40
first test code
219.0 KB DR0ID 2006/09/05 19:27
106.1 KB DR0ID 2006/09/04 22:54
58.2 KB DR0ID 2006/09/04 21:31
63.4 KB DR0ID 2006/09/04 18:48
First Screenshot
55.9 KB DR0ID 2006/09/03 15:17

Diary Entries

After competition comments


Thank you for your comments. As it is my first time entry, I made some mistakes and yes, as many pointed out, the concept has potential, but the implementation did no turn out how I wanted it. In fact its a raw prototype.... perhaps next time I will concentrate more on gameplay :-)

For the interested one, I used PovRay to render the graphics (and the model are made with the Blobman macros).


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1. Day

Today I started. I got Introscreen and main menu working. I see that I will need much artwork to do. I hope that tomorrow I will code the main gameplay. Oh, and I uploaded my first screenshot :-) as you have seen.

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login failure - hardware failure

Today I wanted to see what theme we could choose off, but I could not log in!! Then I saw on the new page, that pyweek had a hardware failure. So I just re-registered myself again. It looks to me like the half account is still intact. Anyway I got my account back :-)

At the moment I dont know what theme to choose, because I find non very exiting, but perhaps this is going to change when I think more about them. The guy who came up with the themes must have seen to much magicians shows ;-)

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