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"Labrynth with a Twist!"

Bugfix for linux users: reaname data/art/menusplash.png to menusplash.PNG (sorry!)

Our entry for Pyweek 5. The theme is twisted and our project hopes to score with our simple scheme of gameplay. The player controls a marble and the challenge is to find the end of the maze. To make the game fun, challenging and to fit the theme of the competition, we have created an interesting control scheme. By dragging on screen with the mouse, the player will be able to rotate the level around the marble. Gravity always acts upon the marble, down, relative to the screen. In this way the player can manuever the marble in all sorts of interesting ways. To coincide with the traditional traps of the original Murmel-Labyrinths the marble in this game will be fragile. Fall too far a distance and you'll shatter forcing you to restart.


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Overall: 3.4
Fun: 3.0
Production: 3.4
Innovation: 3.8

Respondents: 29


File Uploader Date
final submission
DR0ID 2007/09/09 13:31
final submission
DR0ID 2007/09/09 12:17
Collision Tests
ldle 2007/09/05 19:26
Draggable Rotation
ldle 2007/09/02 19:18

Diary Entries

Dragging the screen

Okay our first technical challenge was figuring our how to implement dragging. We decided the way to do it was record the point at which the mouse was pressed. Then each frame just figure out the angle between the first point to the current point using the game's marble as the center. This works well because we get the effect of manipulating a pinwheel. Dragging close to the marble yields faster rotation, further away it becomes slower.

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A lot of progress...

Since the last diary entry we have made major revisions to many parts of the game. Here is a rough delineation of our progress: - Application Frame work: 95%% - - State Stack : 100% - - Event Signaling : 100% - - Music and Sound : 95% - Graphics: 80% - - Collision Detection : 80% - - TileMapping : 95% - - Rotatable View : 95% - - Splash Screen : 80% - - Art: 10% - Game Mechanics: - - Physics: 0% - - Game Logic: 0% - - Level Design: 0% There's still a lot of work to be done but with DR0ID_ hammering out the collision and graphics and two full days to continue work things are looking good!

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starting leveldesign phase

Until now we have worked on getting the level mechanics working. But it looks we really going to make it. I hope get some good levels done by the end of pyweek. After writing all that collision code it will surely be a different challenge to code. But now I need to get some sleep, since this week I have slept not enough!

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link to final submission since upload seems not to work

Link to download file:

and here is the corresponding md5:

I used this to generate the md5:
>>> import md5
>>> m=
>>> m.update(file('').read())
>>> m.digest()
>>> m.hexdigest()
I hope I can upload it as soon as possible.

Some comments:
It has been fun to develop this game because I got a chance to implement collision detection for the first time. I had some knowledge, but did not implement it until now. It is not perfect. Next time I want to concentrate more on gameplay since our gameplay is very limited...


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Linux Users Read This!

There is a bug on linux. You will get an error similar to: pygame.error: Couldn't open /home/bjorn/Desktop/pyweek/Murmel2/data/art/menusplash.PNG rename /data/art/menusplash.png to /data/art/menusplash.PNG Thanks!

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Falling through the level?

If, when you start the game, the level flies away and the ball is in freefall your computer is above average. We didn't regulate simulation speed. So if you still care to play, feel free to change the second argument of the min() function on line 297 in Try lowering it to around 15.

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Hello people

Sorry for linux users, the bug slept in during the last 5 Minutes! (see older diary entry for how to solve it).

For all those who had problems with the control: the spinning speed depends on the distance between ball and mouseposition. If the distance is big then you have fine control, if you are near the ball then it will spin fast (perhaps it would have been better to let the level spin by the x position of the mouse ;-) ).

Physic: since all physics have been written from scratch and I have done this for the first time I think it went fairly well. But you are right, the physic need even a bit more work! For people with fast machines: I will have to fix that, sorry.

Thank you for the grate ratings!

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