PyWeek - Murmel - feedback

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3 3 3

Really an OK game with a good idea. Very nice intro and music but annoying bug in Linux. Needs
more levels and maybe some tweaks in the gameplay to make it more fun, and then you can safely
release it. Well done.

2 4 4

the idea is good and well done, but I found the game way to hard.. or maybe it depends on the mouse sensitivity or something. else you would have gotten way more fun-points...

4 4 4

Nice. Good title graphics. I was left wanting more levels.

4 3 4

fun and addictive :)

3 4 4

This is fun. But this game desperately needs are more levels. :) I can't get a good feeling of the game with only those three levels. It could definitely be expanded more.

4 4 3

Nice game.

3 3 4

Good idea, and well realised. Reminds me of Neverball in 2D. I'd have enjoyed a couple more levels. The physics seem a bit quirky too, you tend to jiggle a bit when you're still, and in level 3 you get 'snagged' in the little potholes there.

2 2 5

( Ingenious game. However, very short and the control was awkward. I felt that simple turn left/turn right keyboard control might have been better but I wasn't certain.

4 4 4

Interesting game. Nice production, game play and music. Some sound effects are missing.

2 5 3

This game is very polished and clearly a lot of effort has gone into production, but the fact that it only has three levels and two of them are trivial was a major letdown for the fun factor.

2 2 4

Impossibly fast/twitchy on this computer.

5 4 4

Good variation on a theme. I loved the effect of the ball turning red as it falls. The manner control was cool, and allowed all kinds of intersting techniques (like super-fast spinning soft landing). The physics need a bit of work (the ball could get stuck in a divot and not slide out), and rotation produces unsightly seams in the walls. And more levels, of course. But good effort overall.

2 3 4

Would have been nice to see some of the effort which was put into the quite nice intro screens put towards making the game look a bit nicer. As is, it looks a bit plain.

Very difficult control system to use, and the shattering ball is just an additional irritation.

4 4 5

More levels! please! and sound fx while we are asking :-)

3 3 3

Control is somewhat tricky.
Intro screen is nice, but graphics during gameplay are a bit disappointing by comparison.

1 4 4

Nice idea, but not very playable: with small inclinations the ball didn't move at all, a bit later it'll accelerate too much and crahs. Happened a lot also that not touching the mouse, the ball flickered and moved right and left, alone. It'd be useful to be playable also with keys).

2 3 3

The game is too quick for me, the rotation is to direct. I can complete about 2 levels or so.

2 2 2

Hard to control. There seemed to be an undocumented piece of gameplay where if your ball hit a wall too fast, it'd break. I wonder if that helped gameplay.

2 3 4

it nive but care windows users! PNG not like png in linux sistems... Traceback (most recent
call last): File "", line 19, in File
"/home/ceportela/Desktop/pyweek/Murmel2/lib/", line 94, in run
self.evtsystem.update(0, 0, 0) File
"/home/ceportela/Desktop/pyweek/Murmel2/lib/", line 192, in update
self.signals['render'].emit() File
"/home/ceportela/Desktop/pyweek/Murmel2/lib/", line 45, in emit
[listener(*args, **kwargs) for listener in self._listeners] File
"/home/ceportela/Desktop/pyweek/Murmel2/lib/", line 185, in on_render
self.start_levels() File "/home/ceportela/Desktop/pyweek/Murmel2/lib/",
line 115, in start_levels File
"/home/ceportela/Desktop/pyweek/Murmel2/lib/", line 58, in Push
self.statestack[-1].enter(self) File
"/home/ceportela/Desktop/pyweek/Murmel2/lib/", line 645, in enter
super(MyMenu, self).enter(app) File
"/home/ceportela/Desktop/pyweek/Murmel2/lib/", line 278, in enter self.view
= viewport.RotatableView(, pygame.Rect(0, 0, 800, 600),,
pygame.Rect(0, 0, 800, 600), bg = File
"/home/ceportela/Desktop/pyweek/Murmel2/lib/", line 99, in __init__
super(RotatableView, self).__init__(surface, screen_rect, world, world_rect, bg) File
"/home/ceportela/Desktop/pyweek/Murmel2/lib/", line 54, in __init__
self.bgd = data.load_image(bg)[0] File
"/home/ceportela/Desktop/pyweek/Murmel2/lib/", line 42, in load_image image =
load(os.path.join(data_dir, name)) pygame.error: Couldn't open

3 3 4

Liked this one - but it somehow quickly got too "fiddly" for me.

4 4 3

You need more levels and some rolling, colliding and breaking marble sounds. But YES, it's fun. Nice start menu, too.

4 4 4

This was a pretty fun game. The controls were a bit wonky at times, and I could easily confuse the game to bend the rules in my favor, but the overall experience was pleasant. Thanks!

3 3 3

the controls are ankward, that makes it
a little frustrating, but overall it's a nice
idea (already seen on arcade though)
Nice soundtrack!

5 5 4

Excelent Game! It's amazing. I like that music!

2 3 2

The interface is horrific. The rotations are also seem glitchy graphically, as well as with the physics.

3 4 5

Thanks for posting the fix. Good idea. Hard to control at times. I love the music.

2 2 4

I wanted it have more levels

4 4 5

Very nice idea - was fun to play :)

4 3 4

Nice intro. The rounding errors a bit annoying looking.