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Aaaaaa! Make It Stop!

Aaaaaa! Make It Stop!

The neverending game of political intrigue. Something or someone has sabotaged the collective intelligence of humanity, causing a temporal anomaly. As our hero, stuck in an infinite time loop where past, present, and future collide, point and click your way through the repeating day to find the key to unlock the mystery of the evil, defeat your foes, shatter the temporal anomaly and, most importantly, Make It Stop!


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Overall: 3.3
Fun: 2.9
Production: 3.7
Innovation: 3.4

Respondents: 7


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Aaaaaa! Make It Stop! - v1.2 - Final
gummbum 2021/09/26 05:05
Final screen shot
gummbum 2021/09/26 04:35

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Gameplay and hints

Start the infamous day in the lab with Al Gore. Interrogate him by clicking on him. Al gives some dubious information, but it's all you have to go on. The Information Superhighway has been clogged. An A.I. without access to all that data is as dumb as Al Gore. Follow the clues to figure out how the crime is done, stop it from escalating, and undo the principle damage to restore functionality to your A.I. You have only a few hours to figure it out before it starts all over again. It's your only hope of escaping the horribly monotonous time loop.

Mechanics. You get five game hours to solve the puzzle. Completing a critical plot element advances the clock one hour. Take anything that looks useful and add it to your utility belt. Some grabbable items can be combined; grab an item and click it atop another to create a hybrid item. Items can also be used on objects and people in the environment; grab the item and click it atop the target item to perform an action.

But beware. Not everything is essential, and some things have their short season. The various activities consume precious time, so prioritizing your day is critical to solving the mystery.