September 2021 challenge: “Neverending”

The September 2021 challenge has finished!

The winners are:

Individual: Temporal Anomaly
Team: InfinityCoaster

Congratulations to everyone who entered!

This challenge ran from Sept. 19, 2021 to Sept. 26, 2021.

Recent awards:

The Marty McFly award for promotion of awareness of time travel dangers
Presented by mit-mit to Regret, Once again

AURYN award for cool game concept
Presented by mit-mit to Woundabout

Smooth Graphics
Presented by mit-mit to Axium

En garde!
Presented by Cosmologicon to The Grind Never Stops

Hectic track award
Presented by Gaming32 to InfinityCoaster

Most multiloquent villain
Presented by Cosmologicon to Temporal Anomaly

Awesome game
Presented by JustAnotherCode to The Grind Never Stops

I present you a cool bean award!
Presented by BeefxThief to Danse Macabre

Awesomest dev log
Presented by Cosmologicon to Axium

fun gaem
Presented by Dihydrogen to Never Ending dungeon