Temporal Anomaly

Temporal Anomaly

When Captain Aurora Stars arrives on a derelict science ship, she finds herself trapped in a never-ending time loop: Can she use her knowledge of the loop to defeat her arch-nemesis, save the day and escape?

Requires: Python Arcade, Pygame and Pymunk

(tested on Arcade 2.5.5, pygame 1.96 and pymunk 6.0.0: should be OK on other versions? :) )

pip install arcade pygame pymunk

Version 2 (Final Game) includes a bug-fix for panel text not rendering correctly on all systems.

Game playing notes:

  • Once in-game, press ESC to pause and see both controls and any in-game notes: if you get stuck, the notes should tell you both what you need to do next and any crucial information you might have mis-heard or forgotten.
  • I've experienced a few issues with Arcade/user input latencies with a macbook trackpad, but seems to be no problems with the mouse: so suggest you use a mouse if you have a similar issue!

Game Play-through:



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Ratings (show detail)

Overall: 4.4
Fun: 4.7
Production: 4.5
Innovation: 4.2

Respondents: 6


File Uploader Date
Final Game (source)
mit-mit 2021/09/26 23:40
First Upload (source)
mit-mit 2021/09/25 20:48
Temporal Anomaly
mit-mit 2021/09/25 20:14

Diary Entries

First Upload

I'm pretty sure there's some bugs in there! Please let me know if you have any crashes etc.!


Final Game Uploaded

I've just posted the final version of the game (v2): includes a bug fix for terminal/panel text which doesn't seem to render properly across all version of arcade (or OSs): thanks Cosmo for letting me know! should be fixed now.

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Game Playthrough Video posted

I've posted a video play-through of the game here: https://youtu.be/nmPQ6ByO6ZY

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