PyWeek Game Team Rating
37 Tube ProJammers 3.67
37 Electron 4.26
36 Dark Physics 3.77
35 Shadow Boy 4.31
34 Mission Cobra-2 Daring Devs 3.95
33 Quantum Entanglement Team MYCTL 4.04
32 Temporal Anomaly 4.44
31 Asteroid Chase Team Vegemite Pierogis 3.83
30 Marooned 3.96
29 Flutter 3.47
28 Improbable Mission Force pw---__ 3.10
27 Breakout Blue Team Chimera 4.13
26 Storm Drain Odyssey Universe Factory 26 4.06
25 The Desert and the Sea 3.95
24 HackerBot 4.29
23 My Enemy's Enemy is my Friend 4.09
22 Beneath the Ice Team Chimera 4.41
21 Adrift Team Chimera 3.91
20 The Wizard's Data Team Chimera 3.76
19 Joe's Furniture Removals 3.57

mit-mit's awards

CURSE YOU YETI!!!!! Presented by Pykemon010 for Tube

Racing the Beam Presented by Cosmologicon for Electron

Most Relatable Protagonist Presented by Cosmologicon for Dark Physics

"I don't WORK together.." Presented by Pykemon010 for Dark Physics

Ain't no light matter, dude! Hold ma popcorn... Presented by gummbum for Dark Physics

The Nobel Prize in Cinematic Narrative Integration Presented by cprogrammer1994 for Dark Physics

good one dewd Presented by Hammish47 for Dark Physics

Ive Gotta Get Outta Here! Presented by Pykemon010 for Shadow Boy

tree gift Presented by speedlimit35 for Shadow Boy

Escape from the Lab Presented by Cosmologicon for Shadow Boy

Destroyer of Buildings Presented by MrTanoshii for Mission Cobra-2

to the MOON Presented by Jeb for Mission Cobra-2

mad scientist Presented by Apex for Quantum Entanglement

Pyweek 33 best voice acting award Presented by speedlimit35 for Quantum Entanglement

My Pick. Presented by DragonMoffon for Quantum Entanglement

The Picasso Presented by taellinglin for Quantum Entanglement

Most multiloquent villain Presented by Cosmologicon for Temporal Anomaly

heh nothin personel...kid Presented by speedlimit35 for Asteroid Chase

Nothing some gaffer tape won't fix Presented by Cosmologicon for Marooned

Cutest Bloodthirsty Critter Presented by gummbum for Marooned

Best MS Paint Art Award Presented by rdb for Flutter

Award for inventing a gun that shoots out the side of the barrel Presented by rdb for Flutter

θΏ”η’žε½’ηœŸ Presented by xmzhang1 for Flutter

The "Lady Penelope Creighton-Ward" award for use of Queen's English with a plummy British accent. Presented by ntoll for Improbable Mission Force

Award for inventing a gun that shoots out the side of the barrel Presented by rdb for Improbable Mission Force

Most criminal usage of a rubber ducky Presented by Cosmologicon for Breakout Blue

Da Ba Dee Da Ba Die Presented by rdb for Breakout Blue

Threw My Controller Presented by assertivist for Breakout Blue

The Smurf Award for Non-Infringement of Copyright by Blue Cartoonish Persons Presented by ntoll for Breakout Blue

Every game needs a sewer level Presented by rdb for Storm Drain Odyssey

Chuckleberry Finn MDK2 Reminiscence Presented by wezu for Storm Drain Odyssey

Mysterious Island of Mystery Presented by Cosmologicon for The Desert and the Sea

Best 3D game Presented by yarolig for The Desert and the Sea

The Python 2 is dead award Presented by ntoll for The Desert and the Sea

Dah Real Pro Presented by chrisyan2000 for The Desert and the Sea

Best optimization Presented by Zuzu_Typ for The Desert and the Sea

Best secret agent... in space! Presented by Cosmologicon for HackerBot

Now I Sees Ya... Presented by gummbum for HackerBot

hand-drawing 3D Presented by xmzhang1 for My Enemy's Enemy is my Friend

Most creative use of magnets in an underwater setting Presented by gcewing for Beneath the Ice

Sudden Decompression Sucks! Presented by Cosmologicon for Adrift

How Did I Get Here Award Presented by JFrog for The Wizard's Data