Prison Break!

Breakout Blue

"Breakout Blue" is a 2D steath/prison escape game where you control a gang of six characters at once. Use items to distract guards, break walls, unlock doors and make your way to freedom!

UPDATE/BUG FIX! (04/04/2019): Unfortunately we noticed a bug in level 3 after the Sunday cut-off: if you would like to update your local version of the game to make level 3 beatable (hence you can finish the game), then you need to copy the updated level file "level3.json" (link below) into you local copy of the game: put it into the folder "Breakout_Blue_pyweek27/data/level/".

Updated "level3.json" (Google Drive link)

Playthrough Video:


Most criminal usage of a rubber ducky
Presented by Cosmologicon

Da Ba Dee Da Ba Die
Presented by rdb

Threw My Controller
Presented by assertivist

The Smurf Award for Non-Infringement of Copyright by Blue Cartoonish Persons
Presented by ntoll

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Ratings (show detail)

Overall: 4.1
Fun: 3.9
Production: 4.7
Innovation: 3.9

Respondents: 15


File Uploader Date
Breakout Blue Final Game v 1.1.0
mit-mit 2019/03/31 09:19
Prison Break!
mit-mit 2019/03/28 14:14

Diary Entries

Day 5: Update

It's been a hectic week, but will try to quickly post an update: we are making a stealth game where you need to control six prison inmates working together to make a great escape. Day 1: Artwork downpat! (Lucid was super fast), Day 2/3: Got basic game framework and basic level editor. Day 3/4: classes for tilemap, players, in-game item, environmental controls (doors, buttons etc.). Day 5: working on AI for prison guards.

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Bug Fix and Playthrough

So it turns out we have a bug in level three of our game that makes it essentially impossible to complete :(. I have fixed this bug (moved the position of a button by one tile and removed an incorrectly placed obstacle) that make the level playable and completable: updating to include this bug fix involves copying the new level file (level3.json) into the levels folder for the game (Breakout_Blue_pyweek27/data/level/).

If you would like to update, please follow these simple steps:

  1. Download the new level file "level3.json" here:
  2. Copy this file into your distribution of "Breakout Blue" to Breakout_Blue_pyweek27/data/level/. It should overwrite the existing level file.
  3. Play the game as per normal: level 3 is now beatable!

Many apologies if you have already played the game and got stuck on level 3! We should have picked this up on debug-Sunday, but alas :) ...

Also, we have uploaded a playthrough of the game if interested (included bug fixed level):



We had alot of fun this pyweek! Pretty happy with how the game turned out, thanks to everyone who played and left feedback. Congratulations to Cosmologicon and Team Hexima, two awesome games!

I think if we had had a bit more time we could have refined the levels a bit more: our goal was to start with two players and then introduce an extra player each level until we got to six and then have a couple of levels with six players, but I think we just ran out of time. We did manage to make a nice level editor with a GUI this competition which was great: it's in the source code if anyone is interested in trying to make their own!

Thanks again to Mauve for running the ship; the new website is really looking great and I love all the new features like the rating dashboard! See you all next comp!

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