Bug Fix and Playthrough

So it turns out we have a bug in level three of our game that makes it essentially impossible to complete :(. I have fixed this bug (moved the position of a button by one tile and removed an incorrectly placed obstacle) that make the level playable and completable: updating to include this bug fix involves copying the new level file (level3.json) into the levels folder for the game (Breakout_Blue_pyweek27/data/level/).

If you would like to update, please follow these simple steps:

  1. Download the new level file "level3.json" here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1hPbSW9TvvLDpWG4vTuH4N7dN0as-QYE3/view?usp=sharing
  2. Copy this file into your distribution of "Breakout Blue" to Breakout_Blue_pyweek27/data/level/. It should overwrite the existing level file.
  3. Play the game as per normal: level 3 is now beatable!

Many apologies if you have already played the game and got stuck on level 3! We should have picked this up on debug-Sunday, but alas :) ...

Also, we have uploaded a playthrough of the game if interested (included bug fixed level):


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P.S. We also realise that this is several days after the cut-off for final submission, so for the sake of the competition and ratings, please feel free to slam us for handing you a buggy game :)))) ....

To make it 100% clear, here is what the updated file has:

  1. Moves the tile position of the button in the first room of the level: this is not really a bug, rather an oversight in the level development that makes the level incompletable (technically it is completeable with this but relies on an extreme level of trial and error).
  2. Removes six (!) buggy obstacle tiles towards the bottom of the map that would otherwise block your progress to the exit points (a true bug: without the fix, it looks like your characters can't walk through clear space)

Since its a puzzle game it was hard to tell if we were missing something about the sword. Like if you could drop it pick it back up fast enough or something. Thanks for posting a fix so we don't have to wonder anymore :)
Hey asrp! Actually it turns out that it is possible to do that (as I discovered later too) but we still had a bug at the final door that means you couldn't walk up to the exit tiles. Thanks for playing our game to a level of detail that you could notice that :) !