Lucid Design Ar

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PyWeek Game Team Rating
27 Breakout Blue Team Chimera 4.13
22 Beneath the Ice Team Chimera 4.41
21 Adrift Team Chimera 3.91
20 The Wizard's Data Team Chimera 3.76

Lucid Design Ar's awards

Most criminal usage of a rubber ducky Presented by Cosmologicon for Breakout Blue

Da Ba Dee Da Ba Die Presented by rdb for Breakout Blue

Threw My Controller Presented by assertivist for Breakout Blue

The Smurf Award for Non-Infringement of Copyright by Blue Cartoonish Persons Presented by ntoll for Breakout Blue

Most creative use of magnets in an underwater setting Presented by gcewing for Beneath the Ice

Sudden Decompression Sucks! Presented by Cosmologicon for Adrift

How Did I Get Here Award Presented by JFrog for The Wizard's Data