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Joe's Furniture Removals

You have just been hired as a delivery boy for Joe's Furniture Removals. Move customer's furniture out of their old house and into their new by pushing each item using the arrow keys. Watch the time limit! Earn money for successful deliveries and save Joe's company from financial ruin! My first attempt at PyWeek ...


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Overall: 3.6
Fun: 3.6
Production: 4
Innovation: 3.1

Respondents: 14


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Final Game v1
mit-mit 2014/10/11 18:29
Title screen for the game
mit-mit 2014/10/10 09:48

Diary Entries

Day 1-3: Joe's Furniture Removals

I did some brainstorming for each of the themes last week, and luckily, "One Room" was one of the four I could come up with anything for. My main goal for my first pyweek is to really just try to produce a finished game, so I've decided to go with a concept that shouldn't be too hard to implement and is bound to work as a fun game. I've going with a sort of Sokoban-style game with some added flair where you work for a furniture removal company. I got a basic implementation of the game engine written on Day 1 and I've spent Day 2 and 3 sourcing some nice artwork and fonts, implementing a scene/director structure for the game logic (based on a nice tutorial: http://nicolasivanhoe.wordpress.com/2014/03/10/game-scene-manager-in-python-pygame/) and some basic title screen and menu objects.

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Day 4-6: Joe's Furniture Removals

Spent Days 4 and 5 making a level editor, creating classes for running menus, cutscenes etc. Turned out to be a lot more work than I thought, although I think I've got some pretty good machinery setup for this now. Day 6 was spend building a level select screen, adding some characters and cutscenes to the game, polishing the logic and control flow between different scenes and finalising the mechanics of the actual game. I've left the end of Day 6 and Day 7 for developing most of the levels; on reflection I think I probably should have dedicated more time for this at the start rather than leave it to now :) ... so I risk that my levels might suck because I won't get tones of time to play test them or get feedback from others. Also haven't really thought to hard about getting the final code ready for different platforms (once again kind of crossing my fingers that it's going to run smoothly in windows and linux, as I've been testing in osx). Adding some screen shots soon.

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Day 7: Joe's Furniture Removals

Eeeek ... last minute scrabble to submit. Finished just about everything I wanted to do, missing a few final touches, and didn't get a chance to do extensive testing :( ... really hoping that it works ....

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