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Asteroid Chase

What is this game about?

You play as Jake. He is a police officer from the Outer Ring. 

He has just arrived in the capital to repair his rusty police ship. 

His plans change when he hears about a grand theft on the police radio. 

Help him catch the thieves of the imperial crown!

Game created by Team Vegemite Pierogis!


Game Design: VV0JCIECH, mit-mit

Programming: VV0JCIECH, mit-mit

Artwork: mit-mit, VV0JCIECH

Music, voice and sfx: mit-mit (additional voice by "Em")

A few of our sound effects

and campaign map planets are courtesy of external open-licenced resources (see README for details).

Enjoy our game!

Game Soundtrack:

BUG FIX (07/04/2021): There's an issue with our "requirements.txt" on some installs of python: if you are having issues installing the dependancies for our game (i.e. with "pip install -r requirements.txt"), then you can try deleting the line "dataclasses==0.8" from requirements.txt, before running pip again: this should fix any issues! Sorry for the inconvenience :)

Click below animation to watch full walktrough on YouTube:

Asteroid Chase Gameplay


heh nothin personel...kid
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Ratings (show detail)

Overall: 3.8
Fun: 3.7
Production: 4.5
Innovation: 3.3

25% respondents marked the game as not working.
Respondents: 6


File Uploader Date
Asteroid Chase 1.0b
VV0JCIECH 2021/04/04 17:57
Asteroid Chase Screenshot
VV0JCIECH 2021/04/04 01:24

Diary Entries

Day 1 - Story, UI, assets, scenes

The best progress on the first days I ever had. Thanks to mit-mit we didn't stack at the beginning, as he came with a great idea for a "Cop" game. After one day we have ready structure for the whole game.

The future is still unknown, but it looks like the direction is good.

It's easy to write code, when you know what this code has to do :-)

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Asteroid Chase Soundtrack

We have just posted up the soundtrack to our game "Asteroid Chase", which you can listen to on Soundcloud here:

Hope you enjoy!

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Asteroid Chase - full walkthrough

Full walkthrough of Asteroid Chase is now available to watch on YouTube. Just click picture below:

Asteroid Chase - full walkthrough

Note: After sending the package, we found a bug in our requirements.txt file.
To start the game properly in Python 3.6+ please remove the line:
dataclasses == 0.8
Sorry for the inconvenience :)

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