I'm Wojciech. I work as a Site Reliability Engineer in one of the cloud companies. Python is my native language. I love making prototypes of games. Never finished one, but hey I'm not alone in this matter :-)

I'm familiar with:

Aseprite (full license) / Krita - art

The Python Arcade Library / Godot - engines

git, python etc. because I work in DevOps env.


bitStudio.dev - personal site

https://vv0jciech.itch.io - itch'io projects

bitStudio / VV0JC13CH#6151 - discord


PyWeek Game Team Rating
32 Endless Horizon 2.76
31 Asteroid Chase Team Vegemite Pierogis 3.83
30 La Isla Finita 3.31

VV0JCIECH's awards

heh nothin personel...kid Presented by speedlimit35 for Asteroid Chase