You play as an electron who lives in the Cathode Ray TUBE of an old television set. By tapping into the magnetic field of the cathode ray tube, you can launch yourself to other television screens: visit and switch on each TV to complete a level.

Requires: pyxel

Game playing notes:

  • Controls are Arrow Keys/ASDW and SPACE (explained in the game)
  • There are three "tutorial" levels, followed by about ten levels: if you get stuck, you can skip to the next level at any time by pressing "N"

Play Online:

"Electron" is built using pyxel (https://github.com/kitao/pyxel) which can convert projects to HTML, so they can be played in the brower.

You can play electron in the browser here: https://mit-mit-randomprojectlab.github.io/pyweek37/electron_pyweek37.html


Racing the Beam
Presented by Cosmologicon

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Ratings (show detail)

Overall: 4.3
Fun: 4.3
Production: 4.2
Innovation: 4.2

Respondents: 13


File Uploader Date
mit-mit 2024/03/23 10:46
Final Game
mit-mit 2024/03/23 10:45

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Game Complete

Hope you enjoy! I really enjoyed using pyxel this pyweek: please post any issues here or catch me on discord!

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Thanks to everyone who played "Electron" and left feedback! Congrats rdb and zwerver for the team win! This was my first pyweek trying to go double-barrel (two games at once): I actually didn't realise it was possible to be in two entries until this comp.

On the team entry I was a part of, I had mostly got everything I needed to do done around Wednesday, so I thought I'd start on a solo entry around this time. This meant I knew I had minimal time to get it done, so I really tried much harder than usual to keep the complexity of the game concept down as much as possible. I think this was actually a really valuable learning experience for me: I am so used to trying to jam in as many features and different mechanics as I can and really pushing up against the deadline trying to fit it all in. For this game I ended up not trying to add too many bells and whistles and that ended up meaning I could spent the last day of the comp really just trying to polish and setup some nice levels and work out a good difficulty curve through the game. I actually slept on the night at the end of the comp, which I think is the first time ever that I didn't just pull an all-nighter right before the deadline for pyweek :).

Thanks again for everyone who helps run pyweek behind the scenes and congrats to everyone who finished a game! See you next comp.

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