PyWeek - mit-mit - feedback

Fun 5 Prod 5 Inno 4


Very charming as usual! It has great atmosphere and it's fun, I played through all the levels. Music fits really well and I like the twist on the theme.

Fun 5 Prod 5 Inno 5


I really enjoyed every part of this, the sound design, the art work all looked really nice. 10/10 would play again

Fun 4 Prod 4 Inno 4


nice little reaction game. Well designed levels, took me a moment to beat them all.

Fun 5 Prod 5 Inno 4


One of the most robust games I've encountered in this game jam.

The game's difficulty is excellent in the way that it starts off easy but gets progressively more difficult as time goes on. The harder levels not only keep you from darting around the map very quickly but positioning becomes progressively more important.

Really love the retro chiptune as the music of choice and is meshes very well with the pixel art.

Well done! Would absolutely play more of this once more levels are implemented.

Fun 3 Prod 4 Inno 4


I definitely enjoyed the retro style and music of this game, i'm also very glad for the checkpoint system as that made playing the game much less stressful, overall a good and creative game.

Fun 4 Prod 4 Inno 5


Wow, great job! You took a simple idea and generated a lot of various challenges, both action and puzzle. Some of the later ones got pretty tricky. Good stylish pixel art. Thanks for putting it online too, it's cool to see that.

Fun 4 Prod 4 Inno 4


Was a super unique and fun puzzle game. Timing the dashes was tricky at times but felt very rewarding when I did it correctly.

Fun 4 Prod 4 Inno 4


how did you do this in one week, while making another game

Fun 5 Prod 5 Inno 4


Very good game, had a lot of fun playing through the levels. The only slight minus is that it is not really connected with the theme "tubes", otherwise it is an exceptionally well made and designed game.

Fun 3 Prod 3 Inno 4


Pretty cool and simple concept

Fun 4 Prod 4 Inno 5


This game had a very interesting concept and was fun to play as the levels were challenging and fun.

Fun 5 Prod 4 Inno 4


The game is awesome! It carefully balances difficulty, making me feel accomplished after completing each level and had me wanting to play more. I would love if there was any way to procedurally generate an infinite number of levels.

Fun 5 Prod 4 Inno 4


I loved this, a really fun idea executed well. I'm all for retro gaming through python and it's inspired me to take another look at pyxel.