Thanks to everyone who played "Electron" and left feedback! Congrats rdb and zwerver for the team win! This was my first pyweek trying to go double-barrel (two games at once): I actually didn't realise it was possible to be in two entries until this comp.

On the team entry I was a part of, I had mostly got everything I needed to do done around Wednesday, so I thought I'd start on a solo entry around this time. This meant I knew I had minimal time to get it done, so I really tried much harder than usual to keep the complexity of the game concept down as much as possible. I think this was actually a really valuable learning experience for me: I am so used to trying to jam in as many features and different mechanics as I can and really pushing up against the deadline trying to fit it all in. For this game I ended up not trying to add too many bells and whistles and that ended up meaning I could spent the last day of the comp really just trying to polish and setup some nice levels and work out a good difficulty curve through the game. I actually slept on the night at the end of the comp, which I think is the first time ever that I didn't just pull an all-nighter right before the deadline for pyweek :).

Thanks again for everyone who helps run pyweek behind the scenes and congrats to everyone who finished a game! See you next comp.

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Thank you! And congratulations to you as well! I've found that it's often better to do something simple and execute it well, rather than having a complicated game with tons of fancy features and having it come out falling short of its ambition. Electron fits squarely in the former category. :-)