March 2024 challenge: “Tube”

The March 2024 challenge has finished!

The winners are:

Individual: Electron
Team: Angiogenesis

Congratulations to everyone who entered!

This challenge ran from March 17, 2024 to March 24, 2024.

Recent awards:

You're a very useful minister, Thomas!
Presented by mit-mit to Thomas the Minister of Transportation

Best Inverse Kinematics
Presented by mit-mit to Slurp Fantasy

One habitat left: omg, how do I untangle this?
Presented by mit-mit to Planet Hardscrabble

Presented by Pykemon010 to Tube

Welcome to Central Filing
Presented by Cosmologicon to In the Pipes of Bureaucracy

Racing the Beam
Presented by Cosmologicon to Electron

best art
Presented by Hammish47 to Rat Whacker

Least Irrelephant
Presented by Cosmologicon to Slurp Fantasy

Just the right amount of knives
Presented by coffee to London

The Most Game Ever
Presented by SirBilby to The average British commute