March 2024 challenge: “Tube”

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Phantasma's Basic Pipe Puzzle

Phantasma's Basic Pipe Puzzle

Inspired by the various pipe puzzle games, this game is one of the many replicas of pipe puzzle games spanning all the way back to the NES era.

<excerpt from readme above>

Managed to make a game this time around. Give this short and simple game a go. find bugs(if any) and most of all, have fun. :)

Entrant: Phantasma

Rat Whacker

Rat Whacker

In "Rat Whacker", you're thrust into the chaos at your employer's burger joint, now overrun by cheeky rodents! Armed with your trusty whacking tool, embark on an adventure to restore peace to the restaurant by outsmarting and whacking your way through a horde of mischievous rats.  With each thump, your score goes higher pushing you to become the ultimate Rat Whacker. But beware - the rats have a few surprises. Follow the story along with its unexpected twists, colorful graphics and the surprise ending.

Uses pyzero
pip install pgzero

Team: smoktwix, Doger, Pykemon010

The average British commute

Hop on the London Tube and embark on an adventure. Step into the shoes of our protagonist, the nameless secretary, as you navigate through the bustling underground. Brace yourself for encounters with fervent football fans (remember, it's football, not soccer – we're in the UK, after all) and encounters with distinguished gentlemen.

But wait, there's more! Perhaps you'll even have the chance to rub shoulders with royalty, whether it's the Queen herself or her esteemed confidant, Jeffrey. The possibilities are endless on this thrilling journey through the heart of London. So, are you ready to dive into the excitement?

Team: coffee, Heuser, CabCon

Tube Chase

  • — Fixed up a few key things. If this is it - it will be fine.
Tube Chase:

- Crooks are escaping on the (deeply cliched) London Underground

- You are getting word from Scotland Yard but the updates are coming too slow! 

- Position your coppers to catch the bandits!

Entrant: mr_matho

rosneft simulator

We are a small group of first year IT and Computer science students from NUST MISIS, and we present to you: Rosneft Simulator, a game developed for PyWeek 37 with the theme "tubes". This game is set in Russia and you play as Rosneft, a large company responsible for a significant portion of the country's oil production. The goal of the game is to export and sell all the oil from Russia and get rich by building pipelines.

Check out the full project description on github

Team: bush22, Ponypedro2005, Daria2541

Motion Sickness

Motion Sickness | The Game

  1. Start the Adventure: Begin the game and immerse yourself.
  2. Engage with Cubes: Click on the cubes to interact.
  3. Stay on Beat: Aim to click in rhythm with the music.
  4. Enjoy the Ride: Let fun be your guide.
  5. Meditative Play: Treat this as your mindful moment.

Play it on

Entrant: szabolcsdombi


  • — A game where you fly on a tube
Finally, my first game made with Python and Pygame and turned into exe via Pyinstaller. It is a game where you enter a tube and dodge the red boxes with smiles on them (Enemies) and added bubbles to clarify the purpose of a tube which looks more like a road to other people. This was also made for the PyWeek37 Game jam

I hope you enjoy the game! 🤗

Entrant: masalile

The Tube

Entrant: _dawka_

The Boring Game

A certain billionaire who owns a certain social media site named after an alphabet has built certain tunnels to overcome surface road traffic problems. However, in an attempt to expose that these tunnels are nothing but hype, you embark on a dangerous journey to demonstrate the "utility" of these tunnels live on YouTube :O

Make sure you don't go out of frame (your viewers will get bored), avoid the leaky steam pipes left by the tunnel engineers, and cautiously play around with test tubes left from the billionaire's endless experiments from other companies. You don't want your channel to get three copyright strikes, otherwise it might get deleted!

Entrant: MysteryCoder456


You play as an electron who lives in the Cathode Ray TUBE of an old television set. By tapping into the magnetic field of the cathode ray tube, you can launch yourself to other television screens: visit and switch on each TV to complete a level.

Requires: pyxel

Game playing notes:

  • Controls are Arrow Keys/ASDW and SPACE (explained in the game)
  • There are three "tutorial" levels, followed by about ten levels: if you get stuck, you can skip to the next level at any time by pressing "N"

Play Online:

"Electron" is built using pyxel ( which can convert projects to HTML, so they can be played in the brower.

You can play electron in the browser here:

Entrant: mit-mit

One fish two fish

a game

Entrant: Hammish47

Planet Hardscrabble

How it fits the theme (Tube): The main mechanic is building tube-like conduits between habitats.

I recommend playing through at least the Tutorial (which should take 5-10 minutes) and 5 minutes of Easy Mode before rating the game.

For gameplay tips and info on changing the game settings, see README.txt.

Entrant: Cosmologicon

The Tube

Can make games.

Cannot do art.

Entrant: Master_cheese12

In the Pipes of Bureaucracy

Make sure that you can get all those approvals on time! A puzzle-strategy game about bureaucracy.

Entrant: Tee


  • — I, The King, have merged my part of the code with Xrunfun's after he had to go, this is the actual FINAL code from our project
  • — Our game - two players only, WAD keys for Player 1 (yellow), JIL/486(number pad) for Player 2 (blue). Escape to pause, then escape to resume or return to restart the game.
A game about two British squares that hate each other. They meet at a station on the London Underground (AKA the Tube) and decide to settle their differences the hard way.

Team: TheKing, Xrunfun, SirBilby

Slurp Fantasy

Team: DR0ID, gummbum


You are riding down a snowy mountain on a giant inflatable TUBE. Watch out for Yetis, wild birds while out-running a massive avalanche behind you!

Requires: pyxel


  • Steer left/right: Arrow Keys or A/D or D-Pad
  • Increase/Decrease Speed: Arrow Keys or S/W or D-Pad
  • Throw Snowballs: SPACE


  • Game Design: inkontoasty, FlowGLOW, mit-mit, TZone
  • Programming: inkontoasty, FlowGLOW, mit-mit
  • Art: blob_killers
  • Music/Sound: mit-mit

All game asset created during the Jam. Made in pyxel (

Team: mit-mit, FlowGLOW, inkontoasty, TZone, ZPrimeX, blob_killers

Thomas the Minister of Transportation

Lime Gang

Game Description

Become Thomas the Transport Minister, managing all the trains on the London underground. 
Don't cause too many deaths Mr Minister, that would look bad.
 ___ |[]|_n__n_I_c

Game instructions:

Left click on trains to speed them up temporarily
Right click to stop them temporarily
Click on junctions to switch their directions
If trains hit each other or a junction facing the wrong way, they crash
You get passenger points for every station a train reaches
Try to drop off 30 0000 passengers and crash less than 6 trains to win

Known bugs:

Hitting restart on the end screen will restart game, but rails tracks will not appear
If using pygame rather than pygame-ce, some lines of text will ignore line breaks and all appear on the same line

How to run:

Install requirements.txt or latest version of pygame-ce/ Do not use previous versions of pygame-ce or the non-ce version
Go to /src/ file and run

Otherwise, run the .exe file if on windows

preatomicprince - Code
Jsteele - Code and art
Vaugbe - Audio compiler/ideas guy?

Team: preatomicprince, Jsteele, Vaugbe


PyWeek 37 “Tube”

T  U  B  E F A L L E R
Game Design Document


The game “T  U  B  E F A L L E R” will feature an interactive 3D puzzle based on tubes of varying diameters sliding into holes of another object.

The initial gameplay may be defined as a physics simulation which requires the player to drop cylinders from a given height and at a given speed, and then rotate a receiver, located below the dropping cylinders, full of a pattern of holes offset from the initial configuration of the dropped cylinders. The player rotates the receiver such that the cylinders may fall through the holes (or “tubes”) in the receiver. The diameter of the holes relative to the cylinder diameters may be modulated based on the current level difficulty, IE smaller holes represent a higher difficulty. If the receiver rotation is too far offset from the dropping cylinders, the cylinders will bounce off the receiver, colliding with each other in a physics simulation and subsequently end that turn.

The level difficulty progression may be defined by a few separate difficulty paths. The number of cylinders dropping, the diameter of those cylinders, as well as the relative hole diameters in the receiver will inform the geometric challenge. The speed of the cylinder drop, as well as the allowed speed of the receiver rotation, will inform the reflex challenge.


The game will make use of complexpbr and metallic materials for rendering.


The game will make use of Bullet physics for the cylinder drops and collisions.


Blender will be used for the cylinder and receiver modeling. The make_collision_from_model() function used in other complexpbr programs will be used for automatic generation of the collision meshes from the Blender models. Bullet cylinder shapes can be used for the cylinders themselves.


The music will be original electronic dub music fitting the aesthetic of the game.

Entrant: Simulan


Procedural space horror runner game set in a tubular megastructure. Play time: about 8 minutes.


pip install -r requirements.txt

If it crashes right away on Linux, add this to a line in the settings.prc file to work around a Mesa driver bug:

support-threads false

Team: rdb, zwerver