I just like making games and Pyweek is a great motivator for that. :)


PyWeek Game Team Rating
37 In the Pipes of Bureaucracy 3.97
36 Unseen 4.40
35 None Shall Pass 4.38
34 Red Dust 3.77
33 Entwined Red / Entwined Blue 4.07
32 Danse Macabre 3.79
31 Halt! 4.22
30 Apart 4.14
29 Lightwing 4.13
28 Planet SMASH! 3.35
27 Resolute 3.76
26 Rush Hour 3.22
25 Flip 3.82
24 Battle Critters 3.43
23 A Knight of Curses 4.18
22 Breach 4.33
21 Beam 3.61
20 invisipin 4.05
19 The Sniper's Room 3.74
18 bytelife 3.74
17 Moonrays 3.04
16 Brick War 3.33
15 Walkway 3.94
14 How I Took Over the World 3.22
13 pæranoia 3.01
12 Improbable Rocket-Propelled Dinosaur Scientist 3.31
11 Encaged Tower 3.45
10 The Strange Sine Orbs 3.33
9 Quetzal 3.68
8 Chess vs Zombies! 2.98
7 People and Planes 3.19
6 Even Robots have Bad Dreams 2.75
5 King Tree 3.44
4 Welcome to World Corporation 3.31
2 Remnants of the First Universe 2.93

Tee's awards

Welcome to Central Filing Presented by Cosmologicon for In the Pipes of Bureaucracy

His gaze pierces cloud, shadow, earth, and flesh Presented by mit-mit for Unseen

YOU SHALL NOT PASS! Presented by Pykemon010 for None Shall Pass

Best Looking Game Presented by ncrohawk for None Shall Pass

Very stylish use of shades of red and blue for pixel art Presented by thp for Red Dust

Red vs Blue Presented by Cosmologicon for Entwined Red / Entwined Blue

Evil Genius Presented by mit-mit for Entwined Red / Entwined Blue

Fun Wordplay Presented by Blueish for Entwined Red / Entwined Blue

I present you a cool bean award! Presented by BeefxThief for Danse Macabre

I really loved it!!!!!!!!! Presented by Shyr for Danse Macabre

Get a clue Presented by Cosmologicon for Halt!

Picking Up the Pieces Presented by Cosmologicon for Apart

The "Module Hunter" award for not listing the dependencies Presented by rdb for Apart

莫名其妙 Presented by xmzhang1 for Lightwing

Stop hitting yourself Presented by Cosmologicon for Lightwing

It's a Bird... It's a Plane... Presented by chrisyan2000 for Lightwing

Don't touch the "escape" key Presented by rdb for Resolute

Thinking outside the box Presented by rdb for Resolute

Must understand quantum wave-particle duality to win Presented by mit-mit for Rush Hour

no easy mode Presented by speedlimit35 for Rush Hour

Future of QR Codes Presented by gizmo_thunder for Rush Hour

Least pixels per human Presented by rdb for Rush Hour

Watch your step Presented by Cosmologicon for Flip

neat game, just neat Presented by chrisyan2000 for Flip

Puzzle-tastic! Presented by mit-mit for Flip

best graphics Presented by knockupwood for Flip

Slippery Sword! Presented by mit-mit for A Knight of Curses

Pyweek Honorary Award Presented by xmzhang1 for Breach

Ghost in the machine Presented by Cosmologicon for Breach

Frickin' Laser Beams Presented by Cosmologicon for Beam

Inferential goodness Presented by mit-mit for invisipin

One Shot One Kill Presented by grummi for The Sniper's Room

The Shadow Award Presented by Mach_5 for The Sniper's Room

Peeping Tommy Award Presented by paulpaterson for The Sniper's Room

Archimedes Award: For innovative and inventive game desgin Presented by justinmeister for bytelife

Fighting the monster with a lot of mirrors and five arrows only Presented by circusblatta for Moonrays

Manicheic Award Presented by circusblatta for Brick War

Don't cross the streams Presented by Cosmologicon for Walkway

Cosmic Horror Award Presented by circusblatta for How I Took Over the World

The Forlorn Hope award for inevitable oblivion Presented by tundish for pæranoia

where's my city award Presented by Cody for Improbable Rocket-Propelled Dinosaur Scientist

If Douglass Adams and Randall Munroe made a video game Presented by rgbDreamer for Improbable Rocket-Propelled Dinosaur Scientist

Dreamlike atmosphere Presented by circusblatta for Improbable Rocket-Propelled Dinosaur Scientist

Fiercest jetpacking boffin Presented by Cosmologicon for Improbable Rocket-Propelled Dinosaur Scientist

now I'm feeling depressed for having an office job Presented by macrobe for Encaged Tower

microdog award Presented by claxo for Quetzal

Fiercest jetpacking conquistadores Presented by Cosmologicon for Quetzal

pixel-art lecture Presented by nitrofurano for Quetzal

The Thinker Seal of Excellent Philsophy Presented by Akake for Quetzal

Sort the pretty colors! Presented by saluk for People and Planes