I just like making games and Pyweek is a great motivator for that. :)

Tee's entries

23 Tee-py23
22 Breach 4.33
21 Beam 3.61
20 invisipin 4.05
19 The Sniper's Room 3.74
18 bytelife 3.74
17 Moonrays 3.04
16 Brick War 3.33
15 Walkway 3.94
14 How I Took Over the World 3.22
13 pæranoia 3.01
12 Improbable Rocket-Propelled Dinosaur Scientist 3.31
11 Encaged Tower 3.45
10 The Strange Sine Orbs 3.33
9 Quetzal 3.68
8 Chess vs Zombies! 2.98
7 People and Planes 3.19
6 Even Robots have Bad Dreams 2.75
5 King Tree 3.44
4 Welcome to World Corporation 3.31
2 Remnants of the First Universe 2.93

Tee's awards

Pyweek Honorary Award Presented by xmzhang1 for Tee-py22

Ghost in the machine Presented by Cosmologicon for Tee-py22

Frickin' Laser Beams Presented by Cosmologicon for Tee-py21

Inferential goodness Presented by mit-mit for Tee-py20

One Shot One Kill Presented by grummi for Tee-py19

The Shadow Award Presented by Mach_5 for Tee-py19

Peeping Tommy Award Presented by paulpaterson for Tee-py19

Archimedes Award: For innovative and inventive game desgin Presented by justinmeister for Tee-py18

Fighting the monster with a lot of mirrors and five arrows only Presented by circusblatta for Tee-py17

Manicheic Award Presented by circusblatta for Tee-py16

Don't cross the streams Presented by Cosmologicon for Tee-py15

Cosmic Horror Award Presented by circusblatta for Tee-py14

The Forlorn Hope award for inevitable oblivion Presented by tundish for Tee-py13

where's my city award Presented by Cody for Tee-py12

If Douglass Adams and Randall Munroe made a video game Presented by rgbDreamer for Tee-py12

Dreamlike atmosphere Presented by circusblatta for Tee-py12

Bronze Insanity Presented by stycchio for Tee-py12

Fiercest jetpacking boffin Presented by Cosmologicon for Tee-py12

now I'm feeling depressed for having an office job Presented by macrobe for Tee-py11

microdog award Presented by claxo for Tee-py9

Fiercest jetpacking conquistadores Presented by Cosmologicon for Tee-py9

pixel-art lecture Presented by nitrofurano for Tee-py9

The Thinker Seal of Excellent Philsophy Presented by Akake for Tee-py9

Sort the pretty colors! Presented by saluk for People and Planes