I just like making games and Pyweek is a great motivator for that. :)

Tee's entries

23 A Knight of Curses
22 Breach 4.33
21 Beam 3.61
20 invisipin 4.05
19 The Sniper's Room 3.74
18 bytelife 3.74
17 Moonrays 3.04
16 Brick War 3.33
15 Walkway 3.94
14 How I Took Over the World 3.22
13 pæranoia 3.01
12 Improbable Rocket-Propelled Dinosaur Scientist 3.31
11 Encaged Tower 3.45
10 The Strange Sine Orbs 3.33
9 Quetzal 3.68
8 Chess vs Zombies! 2.98
7 People and Planes 3.19
6 Even Robots have Bad Dreams 2.75
5 King Tree 3.44
4 Welcome to World Corporation 3.31
2 Remnants of the First Universe 2.93

Tee's awards

Pyweek Honorary Award Presented by xmzhang1 for Tee-py22

Ghost in the machine Presented by Cosmologicon for Tee-py22

Frickin' Laser Beams Presented by Cosmologicon for Tee-py21

Inferential goodness Presented by mit-mit for Tee-py20

One Shot One Kill Presented by grummi for Tee-py19

The Shadow Award Presented by Mach_5 for Tee-py19

Peeping Tommy Award Presented by paulpaterson for Tee-py19

Archimedes Award: For innovative and inventive game desgin Presented by justinmeister for Tee-py18

Fighting the monster with a lot of mirrors and five arrows only Presented by circusblatta for Tee-py17

Manicheic Award Presented by circusblatta for Tee-py16

Don't cross the streams Presented by Cosmologicon for Tee-py15

Cosmic Horror Award Presented by circusblatta for Tee-py14

The Forlorn Hope award for inevitable oblivion Presented by tundish for Tee-py13

where's my city award Presented by Cody for Tee-py12

If Douglass Adams and Randall Munroe made a video game Presented by rgbDreamer for Tee-py12

Dreamlike atmosphere Presented by circusblatta for Tee-py12

Bronze Insanity Presented by stycchio for Tee-py12

Fiercest jetpacking boffin Presented by Cosmologicon for Tee-py12

now I'm feeling depressed for having an office job Presented by macrobe for Tee-py11

microdog award Presented by claxo for Tee-py9

Fiercest jetpacking conquistadores Presented by Cosmologicon for Tee-py9

pixel-art lecture Presented by nitrofurano for Tee-py9

The Thinker Seal of Excellent Philsophy Presented by Akake for Tee-py9

Sort the pretty colors! Presented by saluk for People and Planes