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A short puzzle-story about a man, lost.

Important: There are "bugs" in two of the puzzles. The puzzles involving the lighthouse and the cave have alternate unintended solutions that make sense but does not work. If you think you have the right idea but it's not working, try something different. Sorry about that.

Post-Pyweek note: This game has a number of minor issues (especially the two issues above) and I plan to create a fixed version. I don't know when this will be done but I'm still very slowly working on this. It will be posted here once it's finished.


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Overall: 4.1
Fun: 4.2
Production: 3.9
Innovation: 4.3

Respondents: 19


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Apart. Screenshot.
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Diary Entries

Apart: Done

This one took me some time to create but it was fun to design and I'm happy with how it turned out overall. I usually lean towards more minimalistic games but I couldn't resist giving this one a shot. Unsurprisingly, the implementation isn't very well tested, so post here if you find issues. A glaring issue is the lack of save game, but I ran out of time and the game is fairly short anyway.

Hope you enjoy it!


Hints for Apart

Important: There is a "bug" in one of the puzzles. The puzzle involving the lighthouse has an unintended solution that makes sense but does not work. If you think you have the right idea but it's not working, try something different. Sorry about that.

Here are some hints for Apart:

General hints (not very spoiler-y, but look away if you want to discover everything in the game by yourself):

1. The basic idea of the game is that you can move the puzzle pieces to form the map.
2. To solve the puzzles, you need to look carefully at the red pixels in the puzzle pieces and the environment. Look for patterns. Part of the puzzle is figuring out what needs to be done, so you may need some out-of-the-box thinking.
3. No red pixel in the puzzle pieces is a red herring. Each of them is relevant to at least one puzzle. But beware, it might not be relevant to the puzzle you are trying to solve.

Spoilers. Since there are no spoiler tags, apply ROT-13 to these to reveal. This is in order of puzzles.

1. Gur xrl
Hint: Lbh cebonoyl fnj gur xrl va gur frpbaq ybpngvba. Znlor lbh'ir gevrq chggvat nabgure cvrpr abegu gb guvf ybpngvba, ohg vg qvqa'g jbex. Ubj qb lbh haybpx vg? Qb lbh frr guvf xrl naljurer ryfr?
Solution: Gurer ner gjb chmmyr cvrprf gung pbaarpgrq gbtrgure sbez n xrl. Chg gubfr gbtrgure, naq nyfb chg n cvrpr abegu gb gur ybpngvba jvgu gur xrl. Lbh jvyy or noyr gb npprff vg.

2. Gnxvat gur obng bss gur ynxr
Hint: Lbhe tbny vf gb gnxr gur obng bss gur vfynaq. Gurer vf n evire pbzvat bhg bs gur ynxr, ohg vg pbaarpgf gb abjurer.
Solution: Pbaarpg gur ynxr gb gur evire oraq (gur bar gung unf n pbaarpgvba ba gbc), naq gura gb gur evire yrnqvat gb gur frn.

3. Oevatvat gur obng pybfre
Hint: Ybbx pybfryl ng gur obng. Lbh jnag gb znxr fher gur obng qbrfa'g qevsg njnl.
Solution: Lbh arrq na napube. Gurer fubhyq or guerr cvrprf gung sbez na napube. Abgr gung lbh arrq gur pvepyr sebz gur xrl va gur svefg chmmyr.

4. Gur qnex ubyr
Hint: Qvq lbh frr nalguvat gung pbhyq cebivqr n fbhepr bs yvtug? Ubj pbhyq lbh hfr vg gb yvtug hc gur ubyr? Frnepu sbe eryrinag cnggreaf naq ybbx ng ubj gurl ner qenja.
Solution: Fgnegvat sebz gur yvtugubhfr, lbh jnag gur yvtug gb trg gb gur ubyr. Orfvqrf gur yvtugubhfr naq gur ubyr, frnepu sbe cnggreaf jurer lbh unir gjb fznyy yvarf va gur pragre cbvagvat gb qvssrerag qverpgvbaf. Chg gur cvrpr jvgu gur "fbhgurnfg-rnfg" yvarf nobir gur ubyr, naq gur "jrfg-fbhgujrfg" yvarf nobir gur yvtugubhfr. Lbh pbhyq fraq gur yvtug qverpgyl ohg lbh jrera'g fhccbfrq gb, guvf vf n oht.

5. Pnir qbbe
Hint: Gur pnir qbbe fgvyy qbrfa'g bcra. Nccneragyl gurer vf n frpbaq zrpunavfz. Pna lbh vagrenpg jvgu nalguvat ryfr va gung ybpngvba?
Solution: Lbh arrq gb frg gur frrfnjf gb gur evtug cbfvgvbaf. Gur cbfvgvbaf pna or sbhaq ol pbaarpgvat guerr chmmyr cvrprf ubevmbagnyyl.

6. Pnir
Hint: Gurer vf n uvag vafpevorq ba gur sybbe. Lbh arrq gb hfr gur cvrprf jvgu gur fznyy gevnatyrf va gur pbearef gb svther bhg jung qverpgvbaf gb gnxr vafvqr gur pnir.
Solution: Lbh arrq gb hfr nyy bs gur cvrprf jvgu gur fznyy gevnatyrf gb trg onpx gb gur cynltebhaq, naq onpx gb gur pnir ragenapr. Nyy lbh arrq gb qb npghnyyl vf gb svther bhg gung qverpgvbaf gung lbh jbhyq zbir gb ybbc onpx gb gur pnir, vs lbh jrer gb cynpr gurfr cvrprf ba gur obneq. Guvf vf R, A, A, J, A.

7. Tenirfgbarf
Hint: Lbh svaq gur tenirfgbarf ol chggvat va nyy cvrprf va gur obneq. Vg gryyf lbh gb chg gbtrgure jung vf yrsg oruvaq. Jung ner va gur cvrprf gung jrer yrsg oruvaq? Guvf vf gur ynfg chmmyr, fb gurer vf bayl bar cvrpr bs vasbezngvba yrsg.
Solution: Vs lbh jrer gb bireynl gur erq cvkryf va gur sbhe cvrprf gung ner yrsg bhg, lbh trg gur jbeq "THVYG".

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Apart: Postmortem

Thank you for playing my game! I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Despite its flaws (I will talk about them in a bit), I'm quite proud of this one. I was worried that the puzzles might be too difficult and that would get in the way of being fun, but it sounds like it was still fun despite the difficulty. I usually don't work on my games past Pyweek but I might actually polish this one further because I want to fix the flaws in it, and I just really like this idea overall.

This main post is spoiler-free. I will post a comment with spoilers on the story and individual puzzles so that it doesn't show up when someone is scrolling through the diaries page.

Puzzle design and balancing

Puzzles are always hard to balance. As a designer, you're the one who made it, so the solution seems obvious to you, but it may be completely baffling to others. These were especially hard for me to know how difficult they were because they're open-ended, out-of-the-box puzzles. These are the types of puzzles that you either get or don't, there's no step-by-step process to get to them. It sounds like it was generally difficult, which was my main concern, but it looks like you still had fun with them, so I'm glad. Personally, I had a lot of fun designing these puzzles.

Oh, and thanks mit-mit for asking for hints! I didn't think of posting hints if no one had asked, and ultimately it helped people get through this game.

I will discuss individual puzzles in a comment for spoiler reasons.

Puzzle interface

The interface of the puzzle screen took me longer than I would have liked to implement, and it's still not great. I wanted the entire game to be keyboard based, but maybe that was not needed. I probably should have implemented moving pieces inside the "inventory" as well (currently moving a piece back just places it automatically), I think that's the most confusing aspect of the UI. It's also buggy sometimes: a piece sometimes hovers under a piece that is already placed. If you have any suggestions on how to improve it, or if you know any useful library I could have used to implement it more quickly, I would be interested in knowing.

Final notes

Sorry about any technical Python dependency/version issues: I just tend to focus on the game and I sometimes forget about these details with the time pressure. I should pay more attention to this.

Let me know if you have any other feedback or thoughts about this game. I enjoyed playing your games, though unfortunately I didn't have time to go through all of them this time, so apologies if you didn't get a rating from me. There were many great games, and I'm always impressed at what can be done in one week. Congratulations to the Obbo's Descent's team for first place in the team category! Thanks mauve for hosting this! See you all next time.