Apart: Done

This one took me some time to create but it was fun to design and I'm happy with how it turned out overall. I usually lean towards more minimalistic games but I couldn't resist giving this one a shot. Unsurprisingly, the implementation isn't very well tested, so post here if you find issues. A glaring issue is the lack of save game, but I ran out of time and the game is fairly short anyway.

Hope you enjoy it!

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Awesome! Really love it so far: any chance you can post a SPOILERS-HINTS.txt :) ? I'm stuck at the locked door: I can see the key but not sure how to get it, and I don't totally understand how the lighthouse works :)!

Sure, I'm glad you're enjoying it! I wrote up some hints in a different post (so I can edit if needed). Writing these hints made me find a "bug" in the lighthouse puzzle. :/