Apart: Done

This one took me some time to create but it was fun to design and I'm happy with how it turned out overall. I usually lean towards more minimalistic games but I couldn't resist giving this one a shot. Unsurprisingly, the implementation isn't very well tested, so post here if you find issues. A glaring issue is the lack of save game, but I ran out of time and the game is fairly short anyway.

Hope you enjoy it!

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Awesome! Really love it so far: any chance you can post a SPOILERS-HINTS.txt :) ? I'm stuck at the locked door: I can see the key but not sure how to get it, and I don't totally understand how the lighthouse works :)!

Sure, I'm glad you're enjoying it! I wrote up some hints in a different post (so I can edit if needed). Writing these hints made me find a "bug" in the lighthouse puzzle. :/
So, I have managed to get my character stuck. Surrounded by bushes to the left, top and right. The top bush contains the key. No way to get back to the puzzle screen :s 

Was loving the game though!!!

@ppaudyal: Thanks for playing my game! The first key puzzle is actually a bit misleading: the key in the bush is supposed to be only a clue. I was actually going to make it a sign that you look at, but I thought it'd be faster to implement if I just put it there, which turned out to be a bad design decision. You'll need to look more closely at another puzzle to solve this puzzle. :)

If you're stuck, check out my other post with hints and solutions. You may need to be patient with this game, there are other issues in it (the lighthouse and cave puzzles have alternate solutions that don't work), but hopefully the game is enjoyable if you can look past these issues. This game was kind of ambitious (at least for me) and it's always hard to reserve time for polishing.

I really want to do a post-Pyweek version of this game, but unfortunately I haven't had the time. :/ It's still on my to-do list though!