An attempt at a horror game. Turns out it was a bit too ambitious for the limited time I had.

Should waste only about 5 minutes of your life, so give it a shot. :)


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Overall: 3.0
Fun: 2.9
Production: 3.5
Innovation: 2.6

Respondents: 25


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Tee 2011/09/17 23:36
pæranoia, unfinished :(
Tee 2011/09/17 23:35

Diary Entries

Going for horror

I haven't given much thought about ideas, but I'm thinking of trying something horror-based, whichever theme comes out. Horror is not something we see often in Pyweek and I feel inspired since I've played Amnesia not too long ago. I have a feeling this won't be easy, though.


pæranoia: Postmortem

I usually finish with a game that's unpolished and at least has a little progress and an ending. This time, I ended up with the opposite: a game that turned out to be polished the part you play it and has no progress or ending. There's sound, music and graphics that turned out fine. It's more of a vertical slice. Also, I didn't try to be as experimental as I usually do.

It was fun to change my process, but I'm not sure I'll be doing it again. I think I prefer a complete and unpolished game rather than an incomplete and polished one. I barely could implement the theme mechanic, which would have a greater impact later on. I had a nice and creepy story planned but none of it was used. There was a lot of work to do and I didn't have enough time  maybe games like this would be better done in a team. It was interesting to do it this way, but I think next time I'll be back to my unpolished "complete" games.
As for the game itself, it's so short that there's not much to say. I like the title and how the title screen turned out. I think (I hope) it's a bit scary, especially with the background music and sounds. Besides the framework, I intended to have essentially two mechanics in the game, curtains and mutations. I like the curtain mechanic as it makes you anxious about what will happen when you open it, not to mention things that you might stumble upon while walking towards the curtain. I was going to make better use of the mutate mechanic if I had the time: it's a simple mechanic yet it's effective to keep the player on his toes, especially if you add randomness to it (which was the original intention).

The original idea of the game was to use mutations to make the player paranoid of everything, hence the title and the mutating "a". I think it would've been a great use of theme if I could play with that, to have the actual theme be the source of fear. Unfortunately, I didn't have time to even touch that idea, but I think it was a promising one.

I used DR0ID's tiledtmxloader for loading maps and I liked it, although I admit I've struggled with it quite a bit during this Pyweek. I should've checked it out before the challenge started. At least next time I already know how to use it. Anyway, thanks, DR0ID.
It'll take less than 5 minutes to play the game, but I hope you enjoy it. :) As usual, I love verbose feedbacks, so please let me know what you think (although I guess there's not much to say this time).

This time unfortunately I might not have much time to play and rate other games, but I'll try to play some of them.
As always, thanks to Richard for continuing to host Pyweeks. :)

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pæranoia: A final note

I'd like to thank everyone for their comments on my game. Unfortunately, I didn't have time to rate the games this time, but I've played a handful of them and I've enjoyed them. Some of them are really great. :)

For those who asked me if I'm going to continue it, I'm not sure. I would like to continue it or at least finish what was planned, especially since the rest of the work is mostly some content that I already had in mind and it wouldn't be much trouble. However, I won't have time in the near future to do it, so if I do continue it, it'll be further to the future. Maybe for Pyggy, I don't know.

I'd like to add a little story I forgot to post that happened while I was developing this game. I was testing for the first time the ghost(*) appearing and following the player. Back then I was using a placeholder image, a big block of #FF0000 red. I had the starting room as the first room where the ghost appears. I opened the curtains and there he was, coming towards me. "Nice, it's working", I thought. I decided to run away from him and went back to the second room, which was still dark as I hadn't opened the curtains. Now that I was safe, I stopped and started thinking of what I had to do next. Out of a sudden, the ghost showed up right next to me. I think you can imagine the scare of being distracted and having a big block of pure red in a mostly black screen showing up right next to you in a game you thought you knew everything about. It took me a few seconds to remember the ghost wasn't associated to the room yet - it would appear at the next room at the same position as in the previous room.

See you all next Pyweek. Hopefully I'll make something more complete next time. :)

(*) Side note: the only reason it's a ghost is because I decided to scrap enemy animation and the pathfinding system due to lack of time. All I needed to do was make the enemy blue and cut off his legs. :)

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