September 2011 challenge: “Mutate!”

The September 2011 challenge has finished!

The winners are:

Individual: Obb
Team: Mutate You Must!

Congratulations to everyone who entered!

This challenge ran from Sept. 11, 2011 to Sept. 18, 2011.

Recent awards:

Wounded in the service of PyWeek
Presented by cyhawk to Biocode

Nightmare Award for most Terrifying Animal Hybrid: Flying Eaglebears
Presented by bitcraft to Chimera Chimera

KISS Award for "Press Space to Win" Gameplay
Presented by bitcraft to INFECTED

TIL: Never Google "Tenticle" When Searching for Images for Awards...Award.
Presented by bitcraft to Mutants Of Melimnor

"Build ALL the Ladders!" Efficiency Award for Easiest Access to Next Level
Presented by bitcraft to The Mimic Slime and the Forbidden Dungeon

Best use of Pirate-Caveman speech in a game.
Presented by bitcraft to Obb

Hungriest Venus Fly Trap
Presented by snowangle to PlaYTHON

Black Box School of Landscape Gardening
Presented by gcewing to Mutation Hunter

Agatha Heterodyne Prize for Advancing the Frontiers of Mad Science
Presented by gcewing to Lab Lab Bunny Lab

Will it blend?
Presented by hop to Mutate Lab Puzzle Project