September 2011 challenge: “Mutate!”

55 entries

Please use BitTorrent to download all the games if you can - the site hosts will appreciate it. The torrent file is here.

Mutate You Must!

We decided to make a tower offense game.

You are an evil alien, who wants to conquer the earth by “mutating” its inhabitants into evil creatures who fight their own race. The challenge is to mutate the right creatures at the right time, to overcome the defense lines of the earthlings. Because of the endangered human species, you have to choose your resources carefully.

Should run on Windows, Linux and Mac:
Windows: 32Bit of Python >= 2.6
Mac: 32Bit of Python >= 2.6, tested on OS X 10.6.8
Linux: 32Bit (x64 not tested) of Python >= 2.6. When crashing start with -s, deactivates sound which seems to be a little fragile with pyglet on linux

If it feels laggy: please set vSync to True in line 54. Thanks!

Team: Archy, Blinkmann, HerzogIgzorn, Pumpenkarl

Panda B Square

AlteredPanda - Windows 7 Executable
One of our group sat at the end of a long wooden table. We both watched from the shadows outside near the window. This certainly wasn't our house, and our kind aren't normally welcome here.

On the table sat two small tablets carved from pure medicine into the shape of a Panda. Were these tablets the answer we had been looking for?

Team: jtrain, danaran, rozifus


Team: jbdk, Mette

Mutation Hunter

Explore the game world collecting, breeding, and battling monsters.

Entrant: bitcraft

Nanobiotics - Windows standalone - Mac OS X standalone

A dual-stick shooter set within the HEART, MIND AND STOMACH. You are the culmination of decades of nanotechnology research. Fight off hordes of nasty bacteria and viruses as you protect your host from infection.

Gamepads are encouraged! But keyboard and mouse works in a pinch!

Team: sixthgear, spacelab, mjard, meenuh

Slaying Phinaert

Entrant: lyderic

Hare Trigger

You wanted a high-falutin' job in the city, but the rabbit farm had been in your family for generations, so you accepted your lot as a humble rabbit farmer, leading a quiet, pastoral lifestyle. Day in, day out, tending your flock with a gentle hand, just as your father before you, and his before him, and so on until the point about ancestry was driven home. Then, on a dark, lonely night, a mysterious - but ultimately probably not that clever - plot device struck. The next day you awoke to find that your incredibly cuddly herd of rabbits had begun to act strangely. With just exactly that much of a warning, they began to mutate, exposing all sorts of fangs and boils and nasty bits, and demonstrating their hunger for the flesh of their former fellow foragers. You calmly grabbed your shotgun and headed for the rabbit pen. You knew exactly what to do.

Team: nthall, benpollack


Mutate flowers so that they thrive in changing conditions on a grassy knoll on a planet far, far away. Just make sure you have more flowers than your opponent by the end...

Entrant: Dash

Mutants Of Melimnor

Dragon-Warriorish Combat?
Pure Terminal?

Mutants Of Melimnor is a terminal-based game of exploration and battle on an accursed isle.
The Linux version locks up at the second battle, sorry! There's a fixed version at the github URL. Code history available at

Team: Rectifier, BurritoAlPastor


Make customized mutants and send them to kill your opponent. Readme for how to play.

Entrant: JDShu

Mutate Lab Puzzle Project

Small Tile-based puzzle game. * The goal is to reach the exit on each level. * Use a Mutate Square to change form. * There are gates which only allow you to proceed if you are in a certain form. These gates may restrict your colour, or your shape, or more.

Entrant: Lasty

Godspeed You! Mutated Maze

You have entered a maze full of ghosts and your friends. A mysterious fog is slowly mutating the maze and turning your friends into horrible ghosts. You've harnessed the power of the fog for your own mini-mutator to help you save your friends and reach the exit.

Entrant: sonneveld


A single cell in an automaton gone bad, you must fight the mutations and their source.

Entrant: hidas

Lab Lab Bunny Lab

Solve problems by breeding or genetically engineering the right bunny for the right task!

Team: cyhawk, bejus


An attempt at a horror game. Turns out it was a bit too ambitious for the limited time I had.

Should waste only about 5 minutes of your life, so give it a shot. :)

Entrant: Tee

Get OUT!

Cult of the Mad Goats are a group of derelict game developers , searching to hone our skills of design and development. The goal of the game is to reach the basement and get the potion. Once you have that you must get back to the top floor and use the potion to reach the door.

Entrant: Phocux

The Web is dead. Long live internet messaging!

  • — The Web is Dead rev 70. Multiplatform package. Not yet working on Windows.
I'm going to try to mash together some elements of real-time communication. Don't know how, yet.

Entrant: tundish


You and your species are on a picnic. Suddenly the sand turns red and your speicies mutates! luckily you manage to avoid it. But the rest of your speicies wants to kill you. There is no other choice. There is no other way. You must kill them all! But fortunately you get random powerups so it's not all that bad :)

Entrant: Cody


Solo entry. My goal is to finish, this time.

Entrant: wisty

Rise of the Mutant Empire

The mutants have risen: "Exterminate! Resistance is (almost) futile."

Mutations are viral - people become mutants when they're touched by mutants. But you can save them while they're still mutating by shooting antidotes at them.

Save as many people as you can, kill as many mutants as you can, and avoid becoming a mutant yourself. And have fun?

Team: ehsanul, Lisa


This is the story of a mutant named Obb.

Watch some clips from the game on YouTube

You should be able to jump right into the game. But README.txt lists several handy command-line options, like setting the resolution, and HINTS.txt has several important strategy tips. You should read these at some point.

Entrant: Cosmologicon

Unfinished Mess

Personal circumstances and illness prevented me from getting my little Python program anywhere near actually resembling a game, but here is the code anyway.

Entrant: davec

from __future__ import game_title

You control the blob. The blob has important business to attend to and must exit the blob cave immediately. Thank you for your assistance.

Team: Mat, cav

Alison In Wonderland

Well the name dosent fit the game anymore, i am reasonably happy with how the engine for the game ended up, even with all its spaghetti code.

Sorry i forgot a README in the package, to run the game simply run or main.exe if you downloaded the windows package

If you are running the game from source you will need to have pyglet, and if you have an older computer you may need psyco, enjoy

Also expect the game to start breaking some time after getting stone skin

Also, Alison is a dinosaur

Entrant: Hugoagogo


It's a simple platform game, with some special things...

Entrant: DarkAngel

Monster Mechanics

Mutate your monster to best fight a diverse range of mutant enemies.

Team: mauve, superjoe


  1. One (the last) camouflage of each category is not showed even if worn. To fix this replace the configuration file with this one
  2. Going to border gate with money=0 reaises exception.

Team: ilseppia, circusblatta, midnightstorm, ivi

Shape Shifter

  • — Fixed 3.x compatibility issue and removed large unused sound file
There is no 'i' in 'team'...but there is a 'me'.

Entrant: blakeohare

The Mimic Slime and the Forbidden Dungeon

Entrant: evilmrhenry

Chimera Chimera

Puzzle platformer: You are a radioactive bear, who must absorb the abilities of other animals to reach the goal.

If you get an error about AVBin, e.g. "AVbin is required to decode compressed media.", try changing the line 'music=1' to 'music=0' in the config file. I'm not sure why this happens sometimes.

Updated Mac instructions:
First, download and install the pyglet DMG from here:

Then, if you are on Snow Leopard, from a bash shell:

Otherwise, if you are on Lion:
$ arch -i386 /usr/bin/python2.6

There may be a timing bug on Mac. I'm looking into it.

Ubuntu & Debian instructions:
Ubuntu & Debian provide a python-pyglet package, but it's an old version that has a bug with resource loading, at least on Linux. The fix is is to install the new pyglet:

$ sudo apt-get purge python-pyglet
$ sudo apt-get install python-setuptools
$ sudo easy_install pyglet

After that, you also want avbin:

$ sudo apt-get install libavbin0

In general, make sure you are using pyglet 1.1.4!

Entrant: mutron

Magical Elemental EGGS!

You are a stickman who has to escape the facility by using wit and these weird elemental power eggs... Sidescroller semi-RPG where you mutate to various elemental forms to get special abilities.

May include easter eggs to pay homage to famous video game characters. This is time dependent.

You can follow most of my antics on twitter once the competition starts. It will be much easier than the journal system.

Entrant: Python Jedi


A sandbox for playing with algorithmic plant generation. You start with a simple plant species and create new species using random mutations and selective breeding.

Entrant: gcewing

Foreseen Yet Unpredictable Invader

Fight mutating aliens in this unpredictable shooter!

Entrant: ThibG


PyWeek 13 entry for team Multiverse Factory 13.

This is a PVE scrolling action-adventure game. Fight and think your way through strange lands, cultivating super abilities by eating the many delicacies growing in the wild.

Note about slower computers: In the final2 bugfix release the title bar displays UPS (updates per second, aka ticks). If you are getting less than 30 UPS, you can try lowering game_ticks_per_second at the top of See the comment in there.

Team: JDruid, DR0ID, gummbum

Sewer Diver

  • — Sewer Diver final build. 1,5 start/coin. Arrows + z/x for in-game.
Sewer Diver is a retro style game that incorporates mutating yourself by absorbing your enemies powers. Use each monster's powers against them as you rack up your high score just like the good old days. Controls: '1' - Start Button '5' - Insert a Coin Arrow Keys - 4-way Joystick 'Z' - Absorb or Use Powerup 'X' - Jump

Entrant: Cthulhu32


First time we can be part of a PyWeek \o/

Team: GruikInc, elghinn, cha


Organize blocks to form complete rows and the rows disappear! Block formations above the red line can be broken up by clicking them. Block formations, and single blocks below the red line can be dragged around to form complete rows. This version of the game is incomplete, and does not include mutation (I ran out of time!). In future versions, the blocks will randomly mutate into blocks with different properties. (A block that can't be dragged around, for example).

Team: shhhh, isCake, theReaper678


Hi :). My first time. I hope make a good game in a week.

Entrant: dotteri


  • — Incomplete lemmings-style game built with a component-entity model. First real project with python, and it shows. Incomplete and final. Runs through two really simple levels. Includes pyglet library, no dependencies.
Not much fun, I just can't stand not to turn something in.

Entrant: endsong

Mustache Day

I hope the meaning of this game isn't too overt.

Entrant: FatHat

Immune Defender

This is a game where you control a living space ship inside of a planet-sized organism that is being attacked by robots. In effect, you are part of the organism's immune system.

You have the ability to "mutate" between three forms.
  • A charging beam that powers up as you charge it
  • Missiles that explode and do lots of damage but have a low rate of fire
  • A sonic wave that does little damage but pierces through multiple enemies

The goal is simple: Defeat as many robots as you can. When you defeat a wave of robots, another wave spawns.

  • Movement: Arrow Keys
  • Fire Weapon: Space Bar
  • Charge Beam: X
  • Missiles: C
  • Sonic Wave

This entry will be done during day 7 and also the evening of day 6.

Entrant: Akake


  • — New Final should fix small bug: help screen not showing on windows
  • — Final Code and Art. Windows exe will be added shortly (maybe)

Team: LongSean, snowangle, mauro


Somewhere far away colours have suddenly become brighter and subtlety has died. Welcome to the land of Zeta... Includes 48 rooms!

Team: john, Rhodri, Dafydd

Smooth Jazz Tower Defence

Team of graduate developers at Atlassian.

From our game's readme:

This is a tower defence game with a twist: creeps mutate! The game uses a genetic algorithm to select the best creeps and breed them together. A little bit of mutation is thrown in for a bit of spice, just like in evolution.

For both creeps and turrets, colours signify the specialties:

  • Red: health
  • Blue: armour
  • Green: speed

A good first strategy is to place one of each turret at the start of the map.

To place a turret, click its icon from the right side of the screen. Hover your cursor over a bright red square and click.

Sit back, relax and let the smooth jazz sooth your soul.

I've uploaded a video of our final game to YouTube.

If you're on Linux or Mac, download the source distribution and read the README.

If you're on Windows, download the binary.

Team: pufuwozu, Chii, fontainian, obiru, nwilson

The MutationGun(TM)

I will write only a little game, because I don't have much time. Probably a Platformer. This is my first time attending.

Entrant: Ernie


In a dangerous world of bio-weapons and ever-mutating diseases, the Centre for Disease Control is a critical piece of defence against the next pandemic. But the disease always gets out... Take control of a scientist and stay alive against the on-coming invasion!

Entrant: debarra


In the game you breed creatures to traverse the platforms and gain immortality which has been lost due to mutations. Mutations are downhill, information can be deleted but not gained by mutation. Most of the variety in the creatures actually arises from their original created genome. And through changing the allele frequencies, different creatures arise with different abilities which will aid in getting the immortality genes back into the genepool. The creatures are diploid, so they have two copies of each gene which allows for dominant and recessive as well as codominant traits.

Entrant: tnelsond


A fighting game with a twist: You get to choose three injections consisting of two mutations each. Code is at

Team: joberschweiber, mephory

Robot Buzzsaw in KILL ALL MUTANTS

The Galactic Postal Service has three simple rules for postage: 1. No aerosol cans 2. No explosives AND 3. Definitely no highly mutagenic triptaninian-826 (the hive mind mutagen). Now, someone has broken the rules and all that stands in the way of a code-3 mail violation is AL the ships computer and a collection of workshop robots. The GPS Argo is two weeks from Earth with a deadly cargo of triptaninian-826. You, AL the ship's computer, must buzzsaw through the mutant crew and mark that package "Return to sender".

Team: Jan, codetext

Mutable Mamba

Mambas are feared among their habitats. A team entry by members of CTPUG.

Team: stefanor, Bunnee, hodgestar, drnlm, confluence, jerith, Resprove

Mutation 13

What would you do if anybody around you change into a super hot chick? Play the game and find out... Flaming Wolf is a one man team, yet. See blog on :

Entrant: rokapalinka


In a national disease center, hire and position agents in the field to ensure the current outbreak does not get out of hand. Knowing when to introduce a cure and how strong is important, as the infection will mutate to avoid detection and elimination.

Entrant: saluk

Gregor Samsa

This game is an interactive storytelling game. You can drag words around and change the text.

We are members of the Viennese hackerspace Metalab. We love games and we want to learn (better) Python :)

Team: mihi, hop, nex, redplanet, meta, isis, kelvan

Genome Hero

A Team effort between me and a friend.

Team: daspork, tactii