A fighting game with a twist: You get to choose three injections consisting of two mutations each. Code is at


Profiling in Production
Presented by jerith

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Overall: 3.2
Fun: 3.2
Production: 3.2
Innovation: 3.3

4% respondents marked the game as not working.
Respondents: 22


File Uploader Date
Final version (hopefully)
joberschweiber 2011/09/17 17:55
Screen shot 2011-09-17 at 2.44.16 PM.png
joberschweiber 2011/09/17 12:44

Diary Entries

Day 1

Got sprite drawing, movement, punching and kicking working. Collision detection is mostly working.

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15 Hours left

And it's going quite well. We might actually finish!

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