Hey there, I'm Akake.

I've been making games for a few years, and have (I think) gotten okay at it.

I'm a college student who is almost finished with an associates' in computer programming.

Twitter: @henrythescot


PyWeek Game Team Rating
14 (No title yet) LandFish: Operation Uberman DNF
13 Immune Defender 2.40
11 Hazard DNF
10 Wobble Tower DNF
9 Rolling Steel, Rolling Thunder DNF
8 Rose Ninja 2.78
7 Tower Climber DNF

Akake's awards

No Platformers Allowed Award Presented by adrwen for Hazard

Prematurest award-awarding Presented by tartley for Rolling Steel, Rolling Thunder

Most diary entries a week before the contest starts Presented by Cosmologicon for Rolling Steel, Rolling Thunder