I am currently working as a C++ Developer for a small company called the Belcaro Group south of Denver, Colorado. I am very into old school games and programming, and generally my entries reflect that. I've been doing Pyweek since #1, and I'm always learning new ways to do things.


PyWeek Game Team Rating
28 TwoRez DNF
15 Cthulhu32's Pyweek15 DNF
13 Sewer Diver 3.19
11 Cthulhu32's placeholder for pyweek #11 DNF
10 Cthulhu32's Pyweek Attempt DNF
9 Cthulhu32's Solo Pyweek DNF
9 Fuzzy Pixels Fuzzy Pixels DNF
8 Illuminous Foliage DNF
7 Cthulhu32's Pyweek 7 DNF
6 RoboFusion 3.13
5 Hellspawn Hockey : Stick & Twisted Hellspawn Hockey : Stick & Twisted DNF
4 Death Tower 2.57
3 Urban Ninja 3.05

Cthulhu32's awards

This reminds me of something... Presented by tnelsond for Sewer Diver