PyWeek Game Team Rating
37 Planet Hardscrabble 4.24
36 The Mystery of the Unmatter 3.97
35 BurgleCast 4.29
34 Ares Firma 3.98
33 On the Nature of Reflections 4.13
32 Woundabout 4.30
31 Gnorman's Copse 4.00
30 The Tide Summoner Universe Factory 30 4.13
29 Miranda the Lepidopterist 4.36
28 Nerdozog's Ascent Universe Factory 28 3.76
27 Snowcrafter 4.13
26 Storm Drain Odyssey Universe Factory 26 4.06
25 Otherworlder Universe Factory 25 3.92
24 Faraway Near 3.81
23 The Final Choice Universe Factory 23 4.25
22 Dr. Zome's Laboratory Universe Factory 22 4.38
21 Shattered World Universe Factory 21 4.04
20 Beyond the Horizon Universe Factory 20 4.31
19 The Forgotten Angel Universe Factory 19 3.97
18 The Eight Bit Passage 3.88
17 Eclipsed 4.29
16 Last Will of the Emtar 3.69
15 Stranded Survivor Team Nerd Paradise, v5 (MVF15) 3.90
14 Lunatic's Arsenal Multiverse Factory 14 3.48
14 Uslingborg Defense 3.19
13 Obb 4.32
12 Fractured Soul Multiverse Factory 3.79
12 DNF
11 Mortimer the Lepidopterist 4.27
10 The Teetering Towers of San Gimignano 3.33
9 Wizburg 3.19
8 Panspermia 3.84
7 Stolen Fate Team XKCD 3.01
6 Grey 3.01

Cosmologicon's awards

One habitat left: omg, how do I untangle this? Presented by mit-mit for Planet Hardscrabble

vtuber Presented by speedlimit35 for BurgleCast

YouTube Silver Creator Award Presented by mit-mit for BurgleCast

boil the oceans Presented by Jeb for Ares Firma

Praise the Sun Presented by MrTanoshii for Ares Firma

Name 4 words that start with "Sun" Presented by thp for Ares Firma

AURYN award for cool game concept Presented by mit-mit for Woundabout

I really liked it! Presented by Shyr for Woundabout

I really loved it!!!!!!!!! Presented by Shyr for Woundabout

Best misinterpretation Presented by Matthgeek for Gnorman's Copse

Golden Globe Award for Heavenly Balance Presented by mit-mit for The Tide Summoner

Best Heritage Eyewear Trophy Presented by encukou for Miranda the Lepidopterist

步步为赢 Presented by xmzhang1 for Miranda the Lepidopterist

Arthur C. Clarke Memorial Award for being Indistinguishable from Magic Presented by mit-mit for Nerdozog's Ascent

The Outer Rim Drag Monster Cup Presented by tundish for Nerdozog's Ascent

This game's got me frozen, just can't let it go ... Presented by mit-mit for Snowcrafter

Every game needs a sewer level Presented by rdb for Storm Drain Odyssey

Chuckleberry Finn MDK2 Reminiscence Presented by wezu for Storm Drain Odyssey

The Nelson Mandela Peace and Reconcilliation Award for Intergalactic Cooperation and Collaboration Presented by ntoll for Otherworlder

Moebius award for story and gameplay Presented by mit-mit for Otherworlder

The zen of game :) Presented by xmzhang1 for Otherworlder

Would play on the plane Presented by speedlimit35 for Otherworlder

Near Faraway Presented by gummbum for Faraway Near

pygame plateformer legend Presented by xmzhang1 for Faraway Near

pygame plateformer legend Presented by xmzhang1 for Faraway Near

run forest run Presented by Unicorn Markets for Faraway Near

Best Rouge General Presented by mit-mit for The Final Choice

Generosity killed the craft Presented by Unicorn Markets for The Final Choice

Classic arcade throwback Presented by Unicorn Markets for The Final Choice

Flawless Production Presented by mit-mit for Dr. Zome's Laboratory

Dat Voice! Presented by wezu for Shattered World

Holy Cow! Presented by mauve for Shattered World

Dat Voice! Presented by wezu for Beyond the Horizon

Stanislaw Lem award for science fiction excellence Presented by mit-mit for Beyond the Horizon

Mobile version plz! Presented by grummi for The Forgotten Angel

Innovative Theme Interpretation Presented by grummi for The Forgotten Angel

Most Valuable Pirate Presented by paperstarships for The Eight Bit Passage

The Jolly Roger Award: Best use of Pirate Ships in a Game Presented by justinmeister for The Eight Bit Passage

Best Antena Animation Presented by wezu for Eclipsed

Gold Award For Ambition Presented by pydsigner for Stranded Survivor

Puntastic! Presented by Luke for Lunatic's Arsenal

Best use of Pirate-Caveman speech in a game. Presented by bitcraft for Obb

This isn't spaghetti code, it's a spaghetti game. Presented by tnelsond for Obb

Voldemort Prize for Spiritual Subdivision Presented by gcewing for Fractured Soul

Protagonist Most Likely To Love the Powerglove Presented by mstrange for Fractured Soul

super fun!!! Presented by Cody for Mortimer the Lepidopterist

Most Gloriously Deranged Theme Presented by tartley for Mortimer the Lepidopterist

Most appurtenant use of the word 'lucubrate' Presented by tartley for Wizburg

Awesomest Acorns Ever Presented by pymike for Panspermia

One more turn Presented by saluk for Stolen Fate